[News] JKS’ popularity in Japan surpasses Bae Yong-jun

Source: China Entertainment Net 中国娱乐网
Date: 22 June 2011

Japan is now clasping JKS in its hands
(i.e. treating him in a cherished manner)

Reputed Japanese magazine “AERA” has a special report entitled “Whether JKS has surpassed Bae Yong-jun”, which analyzes JKS’ high popularity in Japan at a deeper level.

According to the magazine, not only does JKS have fans in their 40s and above who have experienced the earlier Hallyu wave, he also has young fans in their teens and 20s, and seems to have surpassed Bae Yong-jun (BYJ) who has been at the forefront of the Hallyu wave since 2004.

Based on dramas such as “You are Beautiful” (YAB) and “Marry me Mary” (M3) which aired in Japan, JKS has accumulated extremely high popularity, and YAB even set the record of having been broadcast 3 times on Japan television. Already quite well-known from his earlier roles such as “Hwang Jin-yi”, JKS’ frequent activities have resulted in him becoming the most popular new-generation Hallyu star in Japan.

“AERA” thinks that the difference between JKS and BYJ is that in addition to his dramas that have upped his popularity, JKS has also demonstrated his singing prowess as the lead singer in M3.

In fact, JKS is already officially a singer. His debut single “Let me cry” sold 57,000 copies on its first day of sale and rapidly shot up to the top of the Oricon chart, becoming the second solo male singer in 30 years to reach this position.

The magazine also did an analysis of the similarities and differences between JKS and BYJ. Similarities include a smiling face, an appropriate physique management programme, selection of characters and treating their fans like their family. The difference is, the age range of BYJ’s fans is not as wide as JKS. The magazine states, “Although there is a slight connection to age, it is also related to their drama. JKS has acted the role of a singer in his drama, at a time when K-pop is on the rise, thus winning him even more fans.”

JKS’ popularity in Japan has actually surpassed beyond imagination. To use the words of a Hallyu fan in Japan, “Just the name Jang Keun Suk alone is enough to make the items sold out.” And this has happened before when JKS was on the cover model on “AN AN”. Any product, as long as it is connected to the name “Jang Keun Suk”, will become a popular product. The fan also said, “JKS’ popularity in Japan is alarmingly high. Not only is he very well-known, his fans also have a high degree of loyalty towards him. If one has to choose the most popular Korean star in Japan now, the answer that comes to mind is Jang Keun Suk.”

Having been seen as surpassing BYJ, the pioneer of the Hallyu wave, JKS has been given the name of “Keun-yang” (i.e. Master Keun). Now, Japan is watching the progress of his charm.


张根硕日本人气超过裴勇俊 被封‘根大师





实际上,张根硕也已经是个出道歌手,首张个人专辑《let me cry》推出第一天就创下57000千张的销售量,火速登上ORICON排行榜首位,成为历史上近30年来第二个登上这个高位的个人男歌手。


张根硕在日本的人气,其实远远超过想像,用日本某韩流粉丝的话来说:“光是张根硕这个名字,就可以令东西卖断货”。于此相符的,张根硕担任封面人物的《an an》杂志就曾经出现脱销情况,任何商品,只要跟“张根硕”这个名字发生联系,就必然是人气商品。该韩流粉丝还说:“张根硕在日本的人气非常惊人,不只是知名度高,粉丝们的忠诚度也很高。如果要选现在日本最火的韩国明星的话,都会不假思索地选张根硕” 。


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  1. I think JKS has to thank his Japanese fans for such great support 🙂
    and I am also very thankful to the Japanese eels too… Thank you for making JKS such a star in Japan!

    And JKS is going to Japan in June for his photo exhibition press conference, right?
    And also his performance tour in autumn?

    The Japanese eels must be looking forward to his events with happiness and anticipation! Enjoy!! 🙂

    • aphrael, thanks for posting the article!
      I haven’t checked this original article yet, but I’m happy to read the summary 🙂

      I’m gonna his photo exhibition on 30 June, and I’m gonna his autograph session on 28 June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please look forward to my fan account of my first meeting JKS ^^ In a few days I can see him in person at last, but now I try not to think of this fact too much because I can’t do any work till the coming day. Anyway, I’m really really happy to get a very slight chance to see him. Wow….., I can’t wait!!! (//▽//)

      • Hi Tenshi, wow congrats! You are going to see JKS in a few days time! This is amazing! I am so excited for you! hehehe! 😀

        Be calm and make sure you remember what you wanna say to him during the autograph session k. ;p
        And do share with us how is the photo exhibition like…. it would be even better if you can take some photos and post here too. Hehee!

        We will be here waiting patiently for your fan account! Gambatte!! 😀

      • Tenshi, I can feel yr excitement! Given to me, I wouldn’t hv a good sleep pre n post event! Most important: DON’T FAINT!!! Enjoy n looking fwd to yr account! It will b great if there are videos too….just saying….lol!!

      • Congratulation to Sukkie of his successful and be no.1 Hallyu Star at Japan. Hope he become no.1 in the world too.
        As well congratulate to Tenshi San have chance to meet up with your love Sukkie….
        I had same experience before when his CRI Show Singapore.

      • Tenshi san, congratulation! Finally, u can see Keun Chan in person, get his autograph and shake his hand …. Must try to get enough rest and dont faint when u see him 😛

  2. I’m so happy for his achievement. I’m glad he reached this level of popularity because he deserves it. He’s very talented, good looking and sincere to his fans. I hope his popularity in Japan will be the same in Korea soon.

  3. I like it that he is popular in Japan but that just means when it comes to FM tickets they are going to sell out
    even faster!

    Tenshi have a great time with our Prince 🙂


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