19 thoughts on “[21 Jun 2011] Pics of fans’ support at YMP filming site”

  1. how sweet you jks!! thats d vvv good way u apreciatd ur fans, holdg n wearing d gifts wth an honest smiling face.. hum, likee!!

  2. yes.. he looks so young & natural ^_^ the clay doll really looks like him for sure.. what a replica of Sukkie’s image now

  3. he’s soooooo cute ^^ when keun suk not wearing any make up he just look like the boy next door he he… I love his style young n fresh

  4. Wow!!! Love the doll!! Love JKS!! πŸ˜€
    The doll on the bed really look exactly like the JKS now! This is sooo cute! Nice gifts from his fans there. πŸ™‚

  5. CUTE!!! Keun Suk must really feel very LOVED. The gifts all look so beautiful and meaningful, particularly the miniature sitting so happily on the bed and the necklace with his middle name in chinese character. So thoughful of his fans.

  6. hi~ i’m one of korean eels. These are the pictures of our community’s supporting event. That day was the hottest day ever~!!! So it’s really hard to sit and eat hot chicken soup outside. Because of the sizzling weather, most of staff members went inside the building with their food. One of the supporting members suggested to JKS that he go into the building to avoid the scorching heat. But he said…”I’m okay…I like eating here outside…The air isn’t very good inside..” Every one of the supproting team was so touched by his words. JKS was so thoughtful and considerate like always. He just wanted to show his gratitude to the supporting team by eating the food outside for more than one hour. He repeatedly said “thank you”….

    • hi oo,

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
      Are you one of the fans who went on the visit?

      wow~~ how is it possible that we can love JKS more and more, for all his caring and sincere ways?
      He’s such a wonderful guy!!

      p.s. just curious. Since it was such a hot day, maybe should have prepared ice cream instead? πŸ™‚

      • No, i’m not one of the fans who went there. I just heard some warm-hearted episodes from some eels who visited the shooting site. JKS is famouse for his genuine sweetness to his fans~~

      • haha… instead of ice cream, JKS was served really special refreshing cups of ice coffee on the spot… One of the event team members is a trained barista… I heard JKS really enjoyed the nice taste of ice coffee…

    • Hi oo!

      Welcome to Aphrael’s international blog! Do drop in often as all of us are forever hungry for Sukkie’s news, what more from his fellow countryman πŸ™‚

      Wow, by the magnitude of the visitation event, I can’t imagine how much time, effort, coordination & money you & yr team members must hv put in! It’s amazing!!! Kudos to all of u!

      • Farina, I suspect u don’t sleep.
        How do u manage to comment at all hours of the day? πŸ˜€

      • Hi~ Farina!
        It’s raining cats and dogs here in korea. Thanks for your welcoming reply. I’ve just read several writings of the event teams. The event team was awesome!! They are passionate, and all women of ability in many ways. Other members who couldn’t participate the event like me tried to help them with a little amount of money. W’ve raised money for this event.

      • Aphrael, I wonder the same about you….lol!! You know I’m yr avid fan right? Actually my boss is on holiday, so I hv to keep myself awake at work. By the end of the day, it has become such a routine for me to refresh yr blog page every so often that my fingers move on their own accord during the time I’m at home till shut-eye time…it’s a wonder it didn’t continue during my sleep….how’s that for explanation for you? Lol!!!!

    • Creative, isn’t it?
      I think JKS can set up a fans’ museum to store all the unique and wonderful gifts his fans have given him, and then open it to other fans to visit the place.
      … mm, seems like a great idea!


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