17 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS & Sunni at YMP filming”

  1. awww, what a sweet heart she is. Sukkie is playing with his dosang Sunni. 小硕和Sunni妹妹玩耍,好可爱!

  2. i always seen different face expression of JKS when he with Sunni…if you guys make a compilation of Sukkie & Sunni ‘s capture you’ll see ^_~ i can’t describe it …he shown his honestly love *envy*

      • I saw on FB that there was a coverage on Berita Harian Malaysia but the person just uploaded Sukkie’s pic, no text. I was hoping someone will upload it so I can contribute in translating it ( though my Malay is not so fantastic)…. It was dated June 18th. Perhaps Carol can help? It will be the first Malay coverage I hv come across abt Sukkie.

      • Farina, there r 6 newspapers under Berita Harian Malaysia ie. BHarian, Kosmos, Utusan, Metro, Malaysiakini & Harakah. Which one u r talking about?

      • Gosh….and in SG we have one BH which almost never make 20 pages…lol! I think most probably it’s the BHarian. however if it’s gonna b too much trouble, pls don’t go knocking on yr Malay neighbours’ doors ok…hehehe

    • Hi Farina, i saw the article on FB Jang Keun Suk Fans Club Malaysia.
      the article is from Berita Harian Glamor Sabtu 18 Jun 2011
      or else please advice your email address, i will forward the article to you


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