[How to watch] SBS ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ live with good quality

We’re sorry for the late announce how to watch Jang Keun Suk’s new drama SBS ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ live on the internet. We shared before for SBS ‘Daebak’, but they changed the registration procedure a bit. Luckily it has become much easier than before. Therefore, we share here again for you not to miss the first episode 😉 SBS ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ is going to premiere on March 28th at 22:00! (What a coincidence that Daebak was broadcast on the same day in 2016!!!) Please be sure to watch it live!

1) Access to SBS website and click this area for the signup.
01_sign up

2) Change the language settings to ‘English’. Tick the first part, and click ‘Foreigner Join’.

3) Fill in the registration form, following their system advice.
* ID: You need to register your preferable ID to log in.
* Password: If your password is not ok enough to register, the system shows the guidance how to decide it.

4) After you type your e-mail address, click ‘verify’. After a while, you’ll receive the authentication number. Type the 6-digit number, and click ‘confirm’, and register your tel number (it seems ok to type fake tel numbers). Then, click ‘Sign Up’.

5) When you see this page, the registration procedure is done. You can log in to SBS website now.

6) Click ‘Start’ or access to SBS website, and click this area for the log-in.
07_log in

7) Type your ID and password, and click ‘Sign in’. If you tick the box ‘stay signed in’, you don’t have to log in every time. It will be very helpful.
08_sign in

8 ) After you’re logged in, your ID is shown on the top. Then, click this area (on-air) to watch the current broadcast.
09_logged in

9) You’ll see the real-time SBS TV program on your PC. Let’s watch ‘Switch’ live together 😀
10_on air

10 thoughts on “[How to watch] SBS ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ live with good quality”

  1. Our Prince shared this post to his FB page!!
    This is such a happy moment for all of us who love jksforever a lotttt.. for all dedicated ECI eels & specially our Tenshi Sis!! He knows such a blog solely for him us running since yrs..

    True love for him..

    So happy today.. can’t wait for #switch!! ❤❤

  2. Eels all over the world have loved you for years for your dedication to bringing us all things JKS. It’s wonderful to know through his FB posting that he also truly appreciates all that you’re doing! <3

  3. I just want to say thank you so much Ms Tenshi. I can now watch Switch directly from SBS even if there is no subtitle. It was also through you and this site that I was able to follow all the activities of JKS in instagram and twitter partly from 2017 to 2018. I’m still reading the archives (now i am reading sept 2015). I want to know what happened after that till 2017. I admire him so much because of his unique and strong personality and also because he is a very good son. I enjoy listening to his voice/music as my stress reliever. It is also my dream/desire to watch his concert someday…hopefully.

    By the way.I will still watch Switch in other website with subtitle.
    It was daughter who told me the meaning of you username. I thought it was your real name. My daughter is very much interested in Japanese language, self-studying it because of Japanese anime.

    This is all. Again thanks to you.


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