12 thoughts on “[10.06.2012] TBS Joho 7days Newscaster”

  1. I can’t see English subtitles 🙁
    Is it just me?
    It’s my first comment here and I just wanna thank you, aphrael77, for this blog and all the news about our beloved JKS 🙂
    I wonder if JKS is aware of the fact that he has got quite a few fans in Russia as well. But I guess he’ll never ever come to this country *sigh*

    • Hi Chichi,

      Sorry, I don’t know why it turned up without the subtitles.
      let me see what went wrong …. ^^

      Wow… Russia … it’s a country which I’m very curious about, and have no chance to visit thus far 🙂

      • Hi! ^^

        Oh I’m glad to hear that. Please come and visit one day, if you happen to have a chance, I hope you’ll like it in Russia ^^

  2. yea, i also cant c d subtls.. but this aftrnn i could c it in another utube…funny cutie hw he wanna show somthng from his pocket..luv!!

  3. Sorry girls, it’s my first time to subtitle by myself and I found that I chose the wrong option…. (T_T)
    aphrael, I sent you an e-mail about this, please check it… Thanks again.


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