[10 June 2011] JKS autographs for fans – part 2

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It seems that fans visited JKS on YMP set on Fri 10 June, and pics below show the stuff they had brought along in support of JKS, such as what I assume to be boxes of refreshments? And also the 2nd pic shows what they gave to JKS… haha~!

There were also Japanese fans there too, and JKS was able to pen a line in Japanese!

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6 thoughts on “[10 June 2011] JKS autographs for fans – part 2”

    • icajks, thanks for posting. It was broadcast at “Joho 7days Newscaster”on 11 June. The content is not so new except the scene with JKS, so not so difficult to translate it that I’ll try ^^ But the last part in which a man(Japanese comedian and movie director “Takeshi Kitano”) wearing a military uniform wasn’t necessary to be translated because it doesn’t connect to JKS himself, just saying the joke of misconception “Kuen-Suk and Gun-soku(military socks)”.

      aphrael, I’ll try to translate it and put eng-subs learned about the way from you though the setup of the tools haven’t completed yet… So if I encounter some trouble, I’ll let you know.


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