Asian Countdown Hello Korean Star #2 series

Credits: ladymoon029

Part 1

Dunno whether you all have seen this part 2 series, but I missed it and so am catching up on my video viewing.

For video part 2 to 5,

Part 2


Part 3


I love Part 3! Quite a bit worried for JKS though, how can he still provide such thought-provoking answers to interview questions while driving at the same time?! He talks about how everyone has this determination inside them, which is a source of motivation to do the things they love to do. (p.s. really look forward to seeing how JKS looks like when he dances ballet!)

Haha, the thing I love to do is to source for JKS news! And amongst all the things I would love to do – learning Korean, learning how to drive (I realize after the Kuala Lumpur car-chase that driving is an important skill to have~ haha~), I would also like to try my hand at writing a novel. Where am I going to find the time to do all these??

Anyway, JKS is really an inspiration for us to learn to be determined to do the things we love!

Part 4


Part 5


5 thoughts on “Asian Countdown Hello Korean Star #2 series”

  1. yessssssss,that is wow.Do you know Aphrael i’m doing this now,i’m learning korean language and i will buy Guitar.whatever they say i will do what i love to do and there no thing wrong if i’m not good in it’s will be okay with me.because it’s my life ,i will live on my way.

    • meho,

      that’s right. JKS has his dream, and we have our own dreams too.
      having a goal is one thing, we may not be able to achieve fantastic success.
      the process of working towards our dream may be very hard, but let’s enjoy the process too! ^^

      • I agree with you aphrael! His dream and my dream are different though, seeing and feeling his continuous eagerness and desire to improve himself higher helps me a lot ^^
        He does his best all the time. Why not do my best!?

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