[19 Jan 2011 ] Japan Official Twitter

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Credits: Baidusukbar
Took a photo with this uncle, it’s incredible that we did not feel like strangers to each other despite it being our first meeting.
[the man is a Japanese actor]
이 아저씨랑 서로 신기해하면서 사진찍었어요!!!! 후시기후시기후시기

Uncle Kim bought this keychain for me, it’s cute! But it will get bitten by Xiao-Chun [JKS’ dog]

In the middle of filming, we escaped in order to buy some interior decoration
【sukbar日本行】推特更新:為了買室內裝修的小玩意 拍攝途中逃跑

Came in secret to Japan, it’s very warm here. Have been filming since morning.
If you all want, I’ll upload a video clip of Brother Kim and me dancing.

10 thoughts on “[19 Jan 2011 ] Japan Official Twitter”

  1. I like ur pic Sukkie 🙂 wish u are good there and not to get too tired 🙂 u r in the high performance remember ur lounge on this 29 🙂 But seems that u are happy at Japan 🙂 so my prayer will be with u 🙂 i just can support u from here 🙂 – IK-

  2. Hi Ivy,

    visited your blog a couple of times and am so happy to hear news about Jang Keun Suk. He looks really happy in Japan and as cute and playful as a boy his age should be. Pictures are adorable! Glad that he is cheerful and enjoying just being himself.

    Your blog is beautifully written both in English and Mandarin – so true to the Singapore spirit of bilingualism! Great job and am proud of you!

  3. could u please get me updated about jang geun suk ,i am crazy in love with him,he so kewl and is he and park shin hye really dating,if so it would be gr8……..thanks


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