58 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Part 2 Finale By Aphrael77: Where is my Star?”

  1. aphrael, thanks for your super work!!!!!
    Reading through your detailed account, I could picture your excitement and difficulty with your papparazi team to chase JKS 🙂 These memories above look like a movie!
    I look forward to continuing this papparazi team’s activities as long as JKS’ cri show will continue, and someday I want to join the member of your team ^^

  2. Wahahahaa!!! Aphrael, i can’t stop laughing while reading this Fan Account of yours!
    Oh my goodness….. i am really a crazy eel who is extremely crazyoverJKS! hahaha!
    Talking to myself, asking questions about JKS to myself with self-replied answers somemore! And made so many stupid ideas! Wahahaha! Oh no! I am going CRAZY! 😀

    Yup i was the crazy one who suggested putting a video-camera on our room window ledge so that we can film JKS swimming in the pool if he does! hahaha!
    And leave the video-cam on for 2days so that we won’t miss out any chance! hahaha!

    And YES, i wanna take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to Carol! Without her around & her help & her resourceful info, our WTA xxxx paparazzi team wouldn’t have achieved so much fun & wonderful experience! Thanks Carol! You are amazing! 😀
    And of coz to Aphrael, ChickenLittle, Gingercake & Sophie too! Without you gals around, i wouldn’t be able to have so much fun & company! Extremely love this once-in-a-lifetime star chase experience & the company from all of you! hehehe!! 🙂

    • Hey Crazyover JKS………..

      EKekekekek yes yes saw ur craziness…!! I hope i will be able to be more sane…… argh…..!!! and no withdrawal syndroms………….. sob sob sob……

  3. Aphrael, by now you must hv noticed how closely I stalk YOU by the frequency of my entries….lol!!!! You girls are just so wonderful and I’m simply amazed at your tenacity. Frankly I would hv given up at most after an hour of wait. But due to all your efforts and patience, the rest of us gain insights to your valuable and memorable experiences. In the later years of our lives, I’m sure you guys will look back on these memories with a smile and able to tell your children how crazy you once were… 🙂

    • well, if u really apply ur stalking skill to our dear Sukkie, I’m sure you’d get much success, and many stories to tell too! 🙂 ….. the next thing is, when will we see JKS again …? Miss him already!

      • Aphrael, u still can c him in SH ! Sooooooo envy. Same as u really miss him. I can only mk sure I carry my h/p that he signed (seems he always with me lor!)

  4. great story, thanks for sharing, at least I can imagine how good it feels to see JKS. Thanks.

    I’m in Mexico and hope travel soon to live my own experience.

  5. Let’s hope that JKS get thru this site and see for himself how crazy crazy his eels were especially from here. And the best part of it, he has got the craziest fans and their love from all over the whole world.
    It’s very funny. I laugh, too over the crazy acts especially even trying to get a glimpse of him at the swimming pool ! with a video cam!! I, too, have never been so crazy before until I saw JKS in YAB. I would have done anything crazy to get to him or even to watch him from afar…..if I were there……

  6. Thanks for all your compliments….. is my pleasure & hv fun together. Actually I got lots of 1st time experience within the 2 days (4/6/ & 5/6) in my life….. 1st time bought soooo expensive tix to see JKS, 1st time met Ivy’s + her gang (strangers at that point of time) frm Spore which I only know them thru this blog & drove them throughout 2 days , 1st time out frm home for almost more than 24 hrs (luckily my hubby& daughters are undertsanding & w/o complaint), 1st time being a paparazzi & having many rounds of heart attack chasing after the guy drivers moreover at late nite, 1st time danced so “high” somemore in front of JKS (as I got the 1st row seating) & recorded in M’siaCri show Press Conf part2 (guess which is me, hahaha, clue white Tee) , 1st time got “a tyre puncture” means a hole on my pant- only noticed after Cri Show, 1st time cracked my head to search for my shinning star till searching through carparks, 1st time i got in & out JWM hotel & went dun know how many rounds to the auto paying machine, 1st time i got so excited and hv fun after leaving my school which is dun know how many yrs ago, 1st time being a busybody & thicked skin to get info on tailing JKS etc & etc…..wow! is all i can say. All these 1st time things that I have done & experienced is bcoz of JKS. Aphrael, crazyoverJKS, day dreaming, gingercake & Sophie we should have pat our shoulders and say we r ichiban !

    • A big thank you to you once again…. without you, our first time being a paparazzi will not be so fun and memorable…. Hope that our paparazzi team can continue the chase next year when he go to Malaysia again…..

    • so happy for you guys to go through this memorable moment… tell hubby how great he is for being so understanding!!! i wonder if my hubby will be like that? he already looks puzzled looking at me staring at JKS pictures too long LOL

      fun experience indeed… while reading through, im thinking the best way to get really close to JKS is to produce one of his events… what do you think???? 😀

      • Produce his event? i think I’ll get a heart attack, but of a different kind!
        Heard that it’s very hard to work with Koreans … I’d rather drool at my star from afar….

      • my mind is going wild right now, thinking of the possibilities of maybe producing one of his events lol, i wonder how he will feel knowing that its being put together by his very own eels! im sure he will be very happy and will give his best! sigh, but how??

      • stvcri – I am interested if you are… although I dont live in Asia and dont speak Korean!

        I just think eel events are what they do when they organise FM

      • Aphrael, agreed with you. Not only be prepared to hv heart attack but get ready to receive the scoldings & cursing from eels

      • i dont live in asia and dont speak korean either, except for sarangheyo, ottoke and omo lol
        i have friends who produces events here in US and in philippines.. i have been thinking of contacting them to bring Sukkie to the philippines since i think that’s cheaper and less complicated than here in the US. plus of course, id want to have a more intimate chance of meeting him lol
        ill start exploring and definitely let you guys know, i want to meet you all..

      • stvcri,

        in case u are seriously exploring the idea, just a friendly note of caution: the Koreans are infamous for being very very very difficult to work with….
        ur friends or contacts may not appreciate if ur idea (good as it is) brings them more trouble than it is worth….
        that’s all i can say… just so that you’re aware…. ^^

      • The wifey_07: where do you live? i hope sukkie will perform for free, since its for his eels anyway right?

      • erm, can I just say that all his fan-meetings in Asia are for the purpose of meeting his fans and yet they are not free?
        instead FMs come with a pretty high price tag?

        …. the only thing one can expect a celebrity to do for free is charity performances …

      • just exploring options… im thinking most organizers that are doing it are for profit, while if its eels who will put it together just wants to spend time with him, maybe he’ll consider a lower fee because of this..

        we never know … maybe one day, when a lot will come together, this will happen!

        yikes really? i wonder why koreans have that reputation.. even sukkie? 🙁

  7. Love “The WTA XXXX papparazi team” you guys are the BEST!!! Wish I was there with you all 🙂

    crazyoverJKS your too cute lol 😛

  8. Aphrael, thanks for writing such a wonderful and insightful fan account! I don’t know how to thank you enough for this and ur determination during the trip! Thanks for all your hard work to keep this blog, really really appreciate it esp it brought many of us eels together. I really really hope JKS can read your blog and know that he has such dedicated fans like yourself 🙂

    Reading this account really brought back a lot a lot of happy memories: of having a great nite with JKS in his cri show (really very high!) and of chasing the STAR (crazyoverJKS, your self talk is really farnie but oh so true and reflective of our mood and I do recall ALL of us were very *ahem* excited when we realised that our hotel room had POOL VIEW!!! woo hoo!!!) A lot of my ‘first time’ can almost echo Carol’s list hehehe. Special thanks to Carol, your daughters and hubby must be proud to have such a wonderful mum/wife as you 🙂

    WTA XXXX papparazi team, thks for just being you, miss you all le….shall we aim…..Korea? *LOL*

  9. Just dun know why, the KL CRi Show ended on Sun. Today aledi Thursday, a lot of flashback still in my mind. Looking forward to see him again & again, mayb I got to see him 1 to 1 session & seeing him going off silently on SUn nite. Caused miss him a lot… I just wanna to repeat & share my feeling during the 1- 1 session with JKS on stage (also another the 1st time unforgettable experience in my life) as follows:

    When I’m up the stage, JKS greeted me 1st and sd “Hi” with a smiling face! I melted with his voice and beautiful + sexylook. I could just replied “Welcome to Msia”. He looked down and started to sign on the poster, but I stopped him, instead asked him to sign on my h/p. He saw my hp is Samsung brand & asked “U bought a Samsung!”…I replied “Yes, I bght this cos of U”. He laughed quite loud & “in a cunning way” I’m totally melt along that moment!*blank* He focused signing on my hp coz the space is limited as compared to poster.

    Whatever I wanted to say, nothing came out (luckily never faint). Then I handed over my gift to him & he cont’ w the conversation & asked is it a scrapbook. Wow! Now I hv more time w him. I explained is a stamp (2 rows of M’sia stamp + a row of JKS pic stamp in b/w & framed) I up the frame for him to see & tell him the message – “hope he can be liked the stamps, able to travel (being free) and well known to the whole world too!” – of course the words came out not really as fluent coz my heartbeat was extremely fast

    He smiled (that HTK’s smile, oh no!), sd TQ & told me to enjoy his show… ended with a hand shake. I’m sooooo happy, felt like dreaming *^o^* (u know the feeling is exactly like GoMiNam after HTK kissed her. Her head full of fireworks, doubt, unstable) though didn’t get a hug frm him (my ori plan)

    I went down to show my hp to crazyoverJKS & day dreaming. I told them my hands seems shaking during they took the photo of my h/p……. 🙂 🙂

    **I din’t get very nice pic during the 1-1 session as most of them being covered by the security and/or a lady (believed is RL staff) butts!

    • wow carol~ then u must bring this hp tgt with you all the time! hehe and u gt to chit chat with him a lil, i believe that if im having 1 to 1 session with him, my mind sure went blank, can only stare at his beautiful face.
      hope next time can join you all with the star-chase and see him up close someday~ *dreaming* ^^

    • Carol, what a great idea to be signed on your Sumsung hp!!
      Besides, you did a good job not to fall in a faint!!
      Like you I want not to faint in front of him…. Can I behave like that???
      Honestly I’m not confident… Till the particular day I have to be tougher.
      So I’m practicing to simulate the coming day to talk with him!!!!

    • Carol70, I think I would have blanked out and my head spinning just by looking at him so up close! 🙂 but good for you! And now you’ve got ur autographed samsung phone to constantly remind you of him! Kudos to the WTA XXXX papparazi team! cheerz!

  10. Thanks Aphrael for the detailed FA!! you all are the best paparazzi!!! really enjoyed reading your FA, makes us feel that we are at the scene too!
    Thumbs up for all of you! Someday i would like to join u all in the star-chase mission!

      • just check with my sis again she said her friend ordered via the store for USD$30.. it is not on the shelves yet.. For me, I ordered by Japan website & VPOST.

      • I know its already in Singapore and it is already on the shelves but just wanted to know when it came to singapore. Btw thanks.

  11. fun, fun, fun! oh well, now i know i’m not that crazy over jks, i really thought i had too much jks syndrome, but after reading your FA, not even 1/4 of your dedication to him. kudos the the understanding hubbies of carol70 and crazyoverJKS for supporting this addiction. 😛

  12. Thanks for the info….good news so now eels in Spore can purchase his Let Me Cry
    Cannot delay any further must get it fast……just missed his wonderful voice.

  13. hi! your fan account is really fun to read.. i’m laughing like crazy infront of my computer, hahaha.. 😀 but i really want to experience the way you had guys.. i salute you for your dedication in this blog and give us your first hand experience being an eel.. keep on going and thank you very much.. and thank you too to other eels here who shared their feelings… love all your comments here it fills my day!! 🙂

  14. The WTA XXXX papparazi team, i really love reading this fan account again and again,..and actually, even if im at work, im reading the account and cnt stop myself imagining your chase with JKS,..lol,..i hope we cn join ur team someday,.. :p

    • Thanks, glad that u enjoyed reading it 🙂

      and yes, the WTA XXXX papparazi team is always recruiting. very simple requirements (or maybe not…..)

      – can stand for long hours
      – wait for long hours
      – with indefatigable spirit, never say die
      – follow the scent of JKS even when u are half-asleep * winks *
      – being able to run fast is a plus
      – good eyesight to spot JKS and/or his car in a mess of people and traffic
      – being tall is naturally another plus (to take better pics/videos of course!), or wear heels or platform shoes
      – please come equipped with own “spyware” (equipment not provided) i.e. camera, videocam, iphone etc

      • Aphrael, u mk me laugh to recruit more??? Then mayb another two (2) more important requirements; extra extra $$$ kept in pocket and/or provide own transport hahahaha

      • Ya lor, have to pay for own transport, but no fear, now we know which driver to contact if we need a van!

  15. Aphrael, now only I noticed that JKS extra put in the “heart shape” on the drawing, just right above his signature & beside yr name ! Heart shape !!!

  16. Hi Aphrael! Like everyone else, I also enjoyed reading your exciting fan account very much. It makes me feel as if I was in KL too with you and the papparazi team members. Hope you’re feeling much better today!

  17. U got the photobook!!! By the time we reached the store, all the photobooks had been sold out…. =( Even then, I spent every last cent I had in that shop… Lol… Oops…. =p

    Sad to hear abt the restaurant incident. I can’t understand why the RL lady had to do that to you gals too!! I mean, what’s her point??? Geez………..

    Zouk was…. Hmmm…. How should I put it…. JKS was totally in the mood to entertain us eels that night and even though he was on the 2nd floor, we could see him super clearly and he didn’t go out of sight at all! Lol… But the crowd… OMG the crowd…… It’s NOTHING like I’d ever ever experienced…. I left abt an hr before him… Was starting to feel really unwell (probably from all the shoving, squeezing, pushing, groping (!) and lack of air)… They definitely don’t have any concept of “maximum capacity”… >.<

    Aniwaiz, thanks for the FAs! We didn't chase all the way so you really helped fill in the blanks for us…. ^_^

    • hi Ning!

      the photobook was nothing fantastic – quite poor quality though.
      so no loss not having it.

      wow… at least u got to see JKS at Zouk!
      did u see any of his cute dance? ^^

      • You’re quite the night cat too huh? =p
        Oh babe, did he dance….! But not cute though… SUPER SEXY!!! *droolz*

    • Aphrael, heard that he was really “high” due to the crowd response last Sat. Did u noticed, the LH section is longer (mayb u can compare w yr other attended Cri Shows). He even teached us how to dance “Shake It Up – pardon me if the name is wrong, coz I’m also in “high” mood, dun really remember whether is the song name is correct” which he never did b4 in Spore & BKK right!

      If our WTA XXXX team able to tolerate the “smokes, crowd, shoving, squeezing, pushing, groping, lack of oxygen” as mentioned by Ning + further…. “the standing” again!!! Then can consider to go clubbing with JKS if he is coming next year 🙂

      So start practicing now to be a carnivorous

      • Carol, i am a carnivorous!!!! I am all ready for it now! Hahaha! ^o^
        Oh geeee….. i really miss JKS so much!!! Miss his smile, miss his voice, miss his vanilla smell, miss his super High Lounge H singing & dancing! Oh man!!! I miss everything that relates to him!!!!
        And no matter how much dose of JKS mecidine i take since Monday, i still can’t seem to recover from it!!! Faint….. hahaha! 😀

        Now i really wonder how was he like during his parting at Zouk! Awwww…….

      • crazyoverJKS, the more vanilla spray u take, the more u will misss him. Why not ask yr hubby to use it instead? He can temporary be JKS “Spore version”…… hahaha

        While on his sexy dancing as mentioned by Ning….*imagining* should be something like Black Engine??

      • Wahahaa!! Carol, you make me laugh so much! 😀
        Hmmmm…. but my hubby doesn’t look like JKS at all, how huh?
        Totally different look, different height, different style and different smell! Hahaha!
        I think i will still prefer to spray it on myself, coz this way it’s like JKS is always around me or rather right beside me! Coz i can smell myself every minute & every second.
        But i can’t smell my husband every second mah. hahaa! 😀

        Oooooh boy!! Like Black Engine! He look so cute in the beginning of that MV & super cool when he is driving!!!
        Aiyooo! I am missing our party-boy so much now! hahaha! (^__^)

    • You were at Zouk? Me too!! Had a f**kin awesome time there!! I can’t believe I went for clubbing at this age (am a mother of two..LOL). This is all becoz of Suk!! But I will rmbr the nite 4ever!! Love everything abt him, the genuine innocent and wild side of him!!

  18. Anyonghasaeyo JKS chii!!! How r u?What r u doing?Are u tired?chornuen chong mun kurivonhada nan so much.When do you have time to yor-henghada at tae-kuk nara, and if you yor-henghada ,you’d like to take a vocation at the same place that you ever been there Right?. Chuen-kob-kae ponaesaeyo, Don’t forget to show cri too.I’ll wait to see your performance too.Hansangcongkanghasaeyo,Don’t work hard too much naka.Anyonghisumusaeyo,Anyonghikasaeyo.I misssssssssss u so much.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans)Saranghaeyo sajangnim.


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