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(Kuala Lumpur, 6 June) After the perfect ending of Korean pretty boy Jang Keun Suk’s Cri Show, JKS admitted that after a night of wild partying, he forgot to remove his make-up before sleeping and therefore he was busy with attending to his facial care and as a result, the media waited for one hour before they could meet JKS.

Once at the press conference, JKS apologized to the media and explained that as it was his first performance in Malaysia, he got increasingly excited during the show and after that went to a nightclub to party. It was in the wee hours when he went back to the hotel and he was so tired that he slept when he hit the pillow. As a result, the press conference originally scheduled to start at 3 pm started at 4.10 pm.

About his performance, he said, “I thought not many people would come, but there were many people there. I feel very happy and satisfied!” He said that if fans wait for him, he will come again to Malaysia to perform. “Yesterday’s stage and audience reminded me of my debut in Japan 5 years ago.”


When asked how he balanced his acting and singing identity, JKS said that no matter what he does, he has confidence in himself, belief in himself and has the courage to try new things.

Besides singing Japanese songs, will JKS consider acting in Japanese drama? He answered, “Still in the midst of negotiations, but nothing is confirmed yet. If I take on a Japanese drama, it will be a very big challenge.”

JKS mentioned that he is going to prepare another Japanese music album and hopes to have another performance in Malaysia next year.

Dressed in a sleeveless leopard-print shirt, JKS put on a “cool” countenance throughout the press conference, until the champagne ceremony where he suddenly relaxed and forced his senior management (Jason Jang) to down two glasses of champagne. When a staff was clearing the champagne glasses and accidentally knocked over a glass, JKS bent down and helped the staff to pick up the glass.

As JKS needed to catch his return flight, the press conference ended in a brief 15 minutes. Before the presscon, the media needed to submit all their questions and only 3 questions were selected.


JKS demonstrated his script-writing skill in Korean drama “Marry me Mary”. Last year, 2 days before the ending would be aired, JKS was struck by inspiration and during a break, he made major revisions to the script. The director was very impressed by his script-writing skill. Not only was the director satisfied, he even praised JKS for being multi-talented.

JKS’ character in M3, Kang Mu-gyul, was to be abandoned by female lead Mary and Mu-gyul and his rival Jung-in would bear hatred towards each other. Upon receiving the script, JKS thought, “Isn’t M3 meant to be a romantic comedy?”

Facing this plot development, JKS continuously considered, “How do I act this? Can I do it?” As a result, he decided to revise the script. So he added a comic element into Mu-gyul and Jung-in’s relationship and let them have better interaction. He also came up with a happy ending for the lead characters. The revised script received favourable reviews, not only from the director but also from the actors. The drama team adopted JKS’ script and hence an exciting ending was born.

Source: Guang-hua Daily News光华日报
Date: 6 June 2011














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  1. JGS!!! Sleeping with make up on is a nono lol but I like a man who knows how to take care of himself, and to party as well 😉

  2. Aphrael, Chicken Little, crazyoverJKS, gingercake & daydreaming : JKS said he hopes to have another performance in Malaysia next year ! Coming to KL & be paparazzi again hahaha ?

    • Yes Carol!! If JKS is going Msia again next year, i must make sure our paparazzi team is well equipped & on 24hour standby! hahaha! 😀
      And we must delegate our roles & duties accordingly so that we won’t miss him for even 1 second!! Hahaha! OMG this is so fun!!
      I must say we are the funniest paparazzi team loh! And our special team name too! hahaha!
      Miss you gals so much! (^__^)

      • Carol, Chicken Little has changed to Daydreaming… all because of the chasing after our dear MomoSuk… I am now daydreaming everyday….LOL….

      • ^_^ I can understand your dreamy mood as I was in the same dreamy state after attending his Cri-Show in S’pore… he really has GREAT stage presence & charm onscreen & offscreen

    • Carol, I sure will wanna go again!!! 🙂 not only for JKS, but like Aphrael mentioned, KL is really a nice place too! And really, half the fun was chasing JKS with u gals, really had so much fun being ‘papparazzi’ & with the great atmosphere at msia cri show, I enjoyed this trip alot 🙂 but hoh, agree with crazyoverjks, must prepare ourselves better next time (bring water, snacks, comfy shoes) etc), no joke standing for hours :p keke

    • Girls, you simply must watch this! So many funny moments! His expression after eating the chilli and how he tried to cover it up is priceless! Take note at 8.34 when he just dashed behind the partition…so naughty & childish. Super cute!

      • LOLSSSS yes this video is hilarious .. i tink the managers are oso having fun with this unpredictable “boy”.. hahahah so cute!~ and the chilli woah!~

  3. Ok… now i know why i like the last episode the best. So… it was written by him. The story suddenly become interesting and i love it. Too bad it ended just as things started to to get intereting.


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