11 thoughts on “[5 June 2011] JKS departs from KL airport”

  1. Ow Aphrael,, i think the first picture was when he arrived in Malaysia
    Same clothes from the June 3 post.. ^_^
    The one below is ok…

    • Pls excuse her coz i think she is still in the mood *hanging on the cloud* during her one to one authograph session w JKS 🙂 Futhermore she is too tired ..chasing after JKS & did the 1st exclusive vid for you gals to hv 1st glimpse of jks privately in kl. More will upcome….

      • I’m in a I-can-barely-open-my-eyes mood… need to sleep …pls pardon the error …. gd night….zzzz

  2. ^_^
    That is the “Sukkie effect”
    Maybe if I get his autograph too,
    I will be awake in a month or so… ^_^

  3. How nice of him to stop his track and give autographs. He must be very tired but he would never let his eels down.

  4. A superstar full of charm – really captured his eels heart.
    Aphrael – thanks for your hard work really appreciate it.


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