22 thoughts on “More pics from Shibuya Parco official shop”

  1. Wow, love to visit that shop!!! JKS cake, curry rice, salad and drink??? Already I am disappointed not being able to visit Japan as planned because of the nuclear leak, now there a shop that could see soooo much of JKS there too. It’s killing me…. urgh!

    I personally think, of so many items, the best must be the pillow. The picture on that pillow isn’t the best. If there is a sort of like bolster shaped with one of his more normally dressed cute, relaxed and happy pictures…. just imaging hugging it to sleep. How warm, cosy and happy that would be!

  2. Yesterday was the opening day, so many eels had to wait for more than 5 hours only to enter the shop!!!!!!
    JKS has become a real craze for Japanese. I read an eel’s blog that even Japanese young boys took photos in front of JKS’ shop!!!!  Not only for girls but boys are really into JKS now!!!! 
    I’m happy about many people support him, but at the same time I’m afraid of getting a chance to see JKS in person is more and more difficult…  Today the result of pre-order ticket of M3 FM will be known, so I’m soooooo nervous now.

    • OMG… I made it at last!!!!!! 
      I did succeed to get a ticket of M3 FM held on 18 August….. (T_T)
      I can’t get over my happiness to see JKS in person for the first time, and to tell the truth it is my birthday on that particular day!!!!
      Thanks for all your prayer, I’ll get a special and memorable birthday present from JKS in advance.
      Wow, hard to sleep tonight!!
      Again, thanks everything 🙂

      • CHEERS for U!!! so happy to hear that…sweet dream tonight ^_^
        Tenshi san, I heard Sukkie is also going to start Japan 4 cities tour soon, is it true? Is this same as the MMM FM?

      • QQeyes007, thanks again ^^
        Just yesterday the staff of his Japan official fan club announced that they are planning to JKS’ own show around October. So it isn’t the same as M3 FM.
        It isn’t clear enough when and where it’ll be held, but only what I’m sure is that at the show we Japanese finally can listen to his debut songs 🙂
        I can’t wait for the show!!!!!!

      • Before I forget… very advanced HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Tenshi!!! wow…this is the best birthday present you will receive ^_^ I will definitely move to tears if I’m you, today you should go for celebration first & celebrate again on the actual day in Aug!

      • OMG! I’m so happy for you Tenshi-san ^___^
        finally you’re going to see him in person and on your birthday no less! Advanced Happy Birthday to you! I hope all you’re wishes come true and hope the best for Japan too.

      • Wah tenshi-san, congrats!!!!! Can’t imagine how happy you must feel! What a wonderful birthday present to be getting…..really share yr happiness. Happy advanced birthday to you! 17th right? 🙂

  3. Hi, can i know where i can order “The romance” japan limited edition photobooks? I really want to get them. Thanks!

  4. congrats tenshi! 🙂 when you see him, you would just want to stare and to memorize all about him in person! Cheers!

  5. Nice shop, I would like to eat those cake….its seems so sweeeeeeet like JKS…….thanks much for sharing…..

  6. According to the today’s news, the number of visitors reached 7,000 during the first three days!! Amazing!!!


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