22 thoughts on “[3 June 2011] JKS departs from Seoul airport”

    • I have to leave home at 10 pm to catch the 11.30 pm coach to KL, then will reach KL at around 6 am in the morning ….

      I haven’t packed my bag yet!!

      • Dear aphrael

        I hv been your silent reader for quite some times. i hope you enjoy the cri show at KL since i am not able to attend the show eventho I am close to KL, due to some circumstances. which I really2 regret, but what to do. to think JKS will arrive in few hours and not be able to see him makes me wanna knock myself 🙁 so have fun and share with us your experience. tq

        p/s: luv the slippers pic. its funny but i like the simple JKS

  1. aiyak! with slippers n sleeveless only? nv mind, he s juz a simple prson, can admit it..i m sure he s so tired, pity him..

  2. it’s summer and jks loves it. he also knows that m’sia is like s’pore – very hot, so sleeveless t-shirt and slippers!! he’s got a great sense of ocassion – dressed for the ocassion and the weather.

    asphrael, enjoy yrself! wear slippers too, be comfortable just like jks. 🙂

  3. So carefree, I like it. 🙂 Like my HK relatives always tell me, “S’poreans more casual in dressing, shorts and slippers, and they’re out of the door…”
    Guess he know of our ‘fashion’ trend?

  4. Aphrael, do snap lots and lots of pic and upload lots of lots of video of JKS. though i’m in Penang i Unable to go. 🙁

  5. Aphrael you are such a loyal eel,,
    How I wish I could do that also,,
    follow our Sukkie and watch him perform,,,
    Hoping I could come to Korea,, this yr especially next yr on his anniversary dinner
    Enjoy! ^_6

  6. Cri-show in malaysia is fantastic..I really enjoy it..he ‘s so gorgeous and cute.
    Prince J ..you are the Best!!!!I will always continue supporting you…
    When I see him in cri Malaysia..I appreciate him more and more..
    Kuesuk..you are awsome…


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