12 thoughts on “[News] Kim Ha-neul & Jang Keun Suk dates in the park”

  1. Yes , she is lucky ^_^ but in the end it’s only acting. Can’t wait for “you’re my pet”
    I think it’s going to cinemas at the end 2011 right? like September or October?

  2. Sometimes, wish I am his staff or maybe his make-up manager will do. At least, get to see him everyday, by his side = eyeliner, powder and hairdo. So nice… dream…only.

    • same here… too much jealous to all the people who surrounds him everyday…
      how i wish i could be the one even the one who carries his luggage and things..that would be fine for me..^_^..
      awww…this could only be a dream..so sad…..

  3. Im so envy with her, so much lucky…….come to think of it….. whats the feeling cudling with jks….and somehow you feel his heartbeat because you are to close to each other….waaaaaaaaa.wish I was her too……..

  4. I know, I know, this pic is a scene of the movie “You’re my Pet”.
    But as the same as all eels here, I cannot help but envy her.
    They look like soooooo sweet couples… *sigh*


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