[3 June 2011] JKS 1st official shop opens at Parco Shibuya

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Video credits: mihodog @ Youku
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Wow, even if we cannot visit JKS’ first official merchandise shop at Parco Shibuya that opens from 3 June to 27 June 2011, the video above shows us what the shop looks like. Haven’t had time to watch the video from beginning to end, but the place looks big with lots of JKS goodies! …. A bit lucky I am not in Japan to visit his shop, if not I may be tempted to buy many things there or even camp there!

Some information from fans on Sina:

Lucine: This morning, Japan’s TV station was introducing JKS’ room. All sorts of things are up for sale, including hair clip and oil-absorbent facial papers! What a way to earn money! Last night, people already came to the shop!! This morning, the earliest person in the queue came at 4.55 am~ The shop opens at 11 am

Takomum: JKS’ first official shop opens today in Parco Shibuya. The theme is to present JKS’ room as close to reality as possible, so on exhibition are personal items such as T-shirt and robe.

@lucine_小囧:来~看视频~~今天早上日本电视台介绍滴 张根硕的房间~ 神马都卖 连夹头发的,吸油纸都卖!!用不着这么抢钱吧!昨天晚上就有人来了!!今天早上最早滴一个是4点55分就开始排了~(早上11点才开店)
@takomum:最后,从今天。在涩谷Parco公司第1部分,张根锡,日本的第一店正式开业。 “张根锡室题为”除了展示室的房子Gunsoku形象,在一个活生生的人,展出的T恤穿长袍及私人财物打扮。

Front view of shop


JKS Shop 02, posted with vodpod

Display case



9 thoughts on “[3 June 2011] JKS 1st official shop opens at Parco Shibuya”

    • aka – jetstar07

      can you please check it out and see if its worth me flying from Australia to Japan to grab some JKS merchandises?!?

      • thewifey_07, actually I don’t plan to buy any merchandises now. There are so many goods about or related to JKS on sale now, but unfortunately I cannot afford to buy all. So I have to decide what to buy. Now I don’t have his YAB DVD and other his dramas’ and movies’. As for me, his DVDs are much worth buying.
        But I’m not sure it’ll turn out differently after going to the shop…. lol

  1. aphrael77, just to find out if the store is only open for a period of time & not permanent at Parco? I hope to go but Jun-Jul busy for me…

    • QQeyes007, yes, this store at Parco Shibuya,Tokyo is only open from 3 June to 27 June 2011, but JKS Japan fanclub staff said that they are planning to open the shop at other cities in Japan. So it might be possible to go to the shop opened in other cities.


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