[News] JKS being chased by fans when shopping in Tokyo, reveals girlfriend is Japanese

Tengxun Entertainment (1 June 2011, 00:06 hours) – Korean star Jang Keun Suk’s television drama “You are Beautiful” set the record in Japan for being the Korean drama with the highest number of repeat broadcasts, and the excellent sales of debut single “Let me cry” released on 27 April ignited his soaring popularity in Japan. JKS has become a hot focus of interviews for the competing mass media. Two Japanese magazines released on 31 May, Woman’s Weekly and Woman Herself (rough translation), have made JKS their cover model, and in an interview by Woman Herself, JKS unwittingly reveals that he has a “girlfriend”.

“Last year after the filming of ‘Marry me Mary’, I only rested for around 10 days. From then to now, I have not yet taken a break.” During the interview, JKS said that his schedule was so packed that he had no time to rest. “My girlfriend … is a Japanese …. Kidding!” His sudden revelation gave the reporter a shock! JKS also revealed that he had been chased by a primary school fan while he was shopping in Shibuya on a previous trip.

Recently, JKS is busy with the filming of movie “You’re my Pet” (YMP), and also with his fan-meetings in Thailand, China, Taiwan and Shanghai. On 31 May, Korean media reported that on 30 May at a café, JKS had a confidential meeting with renowned Korean drama director Yoon Seok-ho who has the intention of inviting JKS to act in KBS2’s new drama “Our Happy Days of Youth” (tentative title) to be aired in September 2011, which will be a similar pure romance story like the movie “The Classic”. TOP of Big Bang was reportedly the strongest candidate for the male lead of KBS2’s new drama, but he could not due to conflicting schedule.

According to a source, including YMP filming and overseas events, JKS’ schedule is full until August, but Yoon Seok-ho was very keen to contact JKS, hence the possibility of their collaboration being realized is pretty high. The new drama will be filmed in Japan in the initial stage, and there are plans to have a Hallyu star as the male lead. The producers are eyeing JKS due to his recent immense popularity in Japan. If JKS agrees to this drama, it will attract advance investment funds of US$150,000 for each episode. Just this factor alone makes the producer feel assured and not worried about making a loss. Japanese investors have expressed that compared to Hyun Bin, they prefer JKS as male lead. Recently, many television dramas have JKS as their first choice for male lead and hope that he can act in their drama. JKS’ popularity in Japan nowadays is almost surpassing the “Hallyu pioneer” Bae Yong-joon. JKS can attract big amounts of Japanese investment, so it is natural for many major productions to compete for him. After all, the Japanese market is an enticing factor.

Here is a look at Yoon Seok-ho’s works:

1992 KBS “Tomorrow Love”
1994 KBS “Feeling”
1994 KBS “Love Greeting”
1997 KBS “Wedding Dress”
1999 KBS “Invitation”
2000 KBS “Autumn in my Heart”
2002 KBS “Winter Sonata”
2003 KBS “Summer Scent”
2006 KBS “Spring Waltz”
2011 KBS “Our Happy Days of Youth”

From this list, we see that out of the four Hallyu “heavenly Kings” Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hun, Sung Seung Heon and Hyun Bin, three have acted in Director Yoon’s dramas, and also Bae Yong Joon later in “Winter Sonata”. These are testament to Yoon’s status in the Hallyu entertainment scene. But undeniably, the dramas after “Winter Sonata” such as “Summer Scent” and “Spring Waltz” did not receive as much success in terms of ratings and reviews. Some mass media comments that if Jang Keun Suk takes on a role in the proposed drama, it is hard to guarantee his future success, firstly because Director Yoon’s style of tragic and innocent love is more suited for reminiscing and no longer the main theme of modern Korean dramas, and secondly, although “You’re Beautiful” (YAB) received overwhelming response in Asia, it is a fact that YAB was not widely accepted by the Korean audience. Including “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” and his latest work “Marry me Mary”, JKS is always hovering on the edge of “idolized roles”, which does not always bode well for a long-term acting career as such characters easily give people a sense of repetition and lack of break-through.

Although JKS is leading in Japan in terms of his popularity, it is undeniably the truth that as an actor, JKS still does not have any representative work to date. A collaboration with Yoon Seok-ho will definitely be cause for much attention, but after all the hubbub, whether this turns out to be a blessing or a bubble is up to the judgment of the audience.


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张根硕东京购物被粉丝狂追 曝女友是日本人

腾讯娱乐讯 (紫/文)韩国男星张根硕主演的电视剧《都是美男》创下在日本重播次数最多的韩剧,4月27日的出道曲《Let me cry》的销量佳绩则全面引爆了他在日本的人气,成为平面、电视等媒体争相报道的热点。5月31日发行的《周刊女性》和《女性自身》再度双双把他当作封面人物,在后者的采访中,张根硕竟不打自招地承认有“女友”一事。

目前张根硕在忙于电影《宠物情人》的拍摄同时,见缝插针式地到泰国、中国台湾和上海等地开粉丝见面会。31日,韩国媒体报道张根硕30日在首尔的某咖啡店密会“韩剧推手”——知名导演尹锡湖,后者有意邀请他出演9月KBS2放送的新剧《我们美好的青春岁月》(暂定题),打造一出和电影《假如爱有天意》中相仿的纯爱戏。当初人气团体Big bang的TOP被认为是男主角的有力候选,但后者因为档期的问题无法出演。

知情人透露,包括《宠物情人》的拍摄以及海外的活动,张根硕到8月份为止的档期也是全都排满,但尹锡湖积极地发出了诚意Love call,双方实现合作的可能性相当大。此剧最初将在日本进行摄影,计划启用韩流明星担任主角。制片方看中张根硕最近在日本无与伦比的强势姿态,如果他答应出演的话“可以吸引到每集15万美金的先行投资,光是这点就让制片方安心了许多(不会担心赤字)”,日本投资方也表示比起元彬,更倾向于张根硕演男主角。最近包括《武士白东秀》等多部电视剧都把张根硕当作是男主角的第一候选,希望他可以加盟。张根硕如今在日本的人气,几乎可以压倒“韩流元组裴勇俊”,“他能吸引大批的日本投资方砸重金,成为多部大制作主的抢夺对象是顺理成章的事。毕竟日本的市场份额足够诱人”。



38 thoughts on “[News] JKS being chased by fans when shopping in Tokyo, reveals girlfriend is Japanese”

  1. F1968 also mentioned a couple of days ago about reading this news. I was waiting for official confirmation i.e. some news article or something, hence the delay. And also, I hate articles with lots of names, be it Korean artistes’ names or drama names, cos have to spend more time to google their English translation 🙁

    anyway, I learnt more about Director Yoon …. i really hope he gives JKS a good script. I watched only “Winter Sonata” a long time ago, and only have the barest memory of it, but i recall it was a good drama with lots of angst and made me cry… Director Yoon’s drama would be a refreshing change for JKS and a challenge too….

    the critical factor is always the script … hope that JKS will be able to achieve good ratings in Korea too….

    • Winter Sonata left me one huge impression: never watch Korean tragic drama, it made me sooooo depressed for days!!! That’s why I make sure to only watch romcoms, however silly the plot or character may be…

      I have no doubt that Sukkie can take on whatever role thrown to him, just please don’t make him die or blind or be transported to another planet that there’s no way he can be united w the girl….. Hopefully the director can also change the genre of his mostly tragic dramas (though I only watched WS) but if that’s what made BYJ the most famous Hallyu star to date, then I hope he can make Sukkie surpass that, though honestly Sukkie has made it all on his own…

      • haha, don’t u know that the only dramas that get famous in Korea are all the tragic dramas?
        (I cannot stand tragic dramas too….)

        But if this is what it takes to make Sukkie popular in Korea, then so be it …. i’m really curious to see JKS act in a tragic drama, and it will really be a platform for his acting skill to shine….

        n don’t forget what happened in rom-com M3, the scriptwriter wanted to let Mu-gyul die in Ep 15 !!!!

      • But he’s already done tragic before in Hwang Jinyi…I cried n cried when he died. After that I ffwd the rest of the eps, only playing those parts when Jinyi recalls Eunho’s memories…which made me cry again… What I wld like for him to try is the likes of
        Jo In Sung (another drool-worthy actor) characters like in Frozen Flower or Dirty Carnival.

      • F1968, you really make me laugh & this never come to my mind that the script will want him blind or die, hahaha. Really he did once in HwangJinyi…….It was so happy & romantic at the early part, thereafter the sad plot came in… cried like hell. Thereafter he died ……. especially when the coffin stopped at HwangJinyi place….. I cried even worst, till using my sleeve to wipe my tears. U know thereafter I totally stop watching the remaining episode

      • Haha…same here… I didn’t continue watching HwangJinyi after Eunho went to the other planet …..

  2. From all my heart , I pray for the best for JKS. He really is a hard worker and deserves to be as acknowledged in Korea as he is in other Asian countries.
    Although I hate that the Korean media measures a drama’s worth by ratings.
    Somehow , I don’t really think it’s fair. Anyway I pray for You’re My Pet to be a big successes with whatever drama JKS decides to participate in.
    I will look forward to it , that’s for sure ^__^

    • “Although JKS is leading in Japan in terms of his popularity, it is undeniably the truth that as an actor, JKS still does not have any representative work to date. ” – – i totally DO NOT Agree…. isn’t YAB is his representative work? All the behaviour he create for the character are CLASSIC!… so sad to read this.. haiz..

      • I totally agree with you! I think Korea’s media way of measuring an actor’s worth just by ratings is in no way fair!
        I can’t even imagine anyone acting HTK the way JKS did.
        Korean media insisted that JKS is still not a top actor or star in Korea just because the ratings in his dramas are not that high …
        they completely ignore how JKS truly gave life to most of the characters he played.
        Anyway , hope JKS will act in a drama that will get high ratings in korea. It seems the only way for them to acknowledge an actor as “Top”.
        Knowing JKS , he will prove them wrong wether it’s this year or next year , he will not give up. that’s who he is ^_^ and we eels will support all the way sukkie! work hard but take care!

      • …Korean media are blind to everything but ratings …. being so judgemental … if YAB is not JKS’ representative work, then they should tell us how many actors they “recognise” with such a successful drama and so many fans all over Asia…. JKS is amongst the ranks of the successful Hallyu stars who have made it overseas but still his efforts are not recognised in Korea.

        We will support JKS all the way…. one of these days, he will conquer the world with his acting and many charms ^^

      • ITA! This drama made him known worldwide!! C’mon! I don’t know much drama that did that! #@&# the ratings!!!!

    • i read in BaiduSukbar thread on the same article & many of the eels feel that this particular article may have certain agenda which was also mentioned by Tenchi san before in an earlier similar article last month.. the China eels suspect that some Korea media may be influenced by the some entertainment agencies feel “unsecured” that Sukkie is able to strike success by his own agency & are afraid that more artists will follow his footsteps… if this is really the case, we just have to ignore the negative aspect of the article & continue to support Sukkie as he is always known to be different from others as he ever mentions he wants to find his own path & not follow the path already created by others…

  3. be strong keun suk i hope you in good health .”fame” is not easy case and you choose that. so working hard is important but take care of your health and enjoy your life .

  4. It’s about time JKS will consider serious and challenging roles like in “Winter Sonata” because I think Korean viewers love to watch tragic, heavy drama,family oriented stories. I hope JKS will get a good script for his next project and a good rating also based on “Korean Viewers Standard”…

  5. I know Keun Suk will follow his heart. No matter what the result, as long as he work with his sincerity, then everything would be fine. I trust with his talent and his determination. With our support, he can make it to be a recognized actor in his country.

  6. JKS hope we can see another drama from uuu ! BTW he always give eels shocking new…In Shanghai mentioned his girlfriend taste like SuQi, then he did mention he still missed his ex girlfriend till now….. no girlfriend as at now ……. now at Japan, he sd his girlfrend is Japanese ?? He really good in entertaining the media, twist & turn his answer & the Japan local eels spontenously 🙂

    • me too! i always find he is witty in handling questions from media especially those sensitive questions and also his response each time really shows his matured & humorous charm during the interview ^_^

  7. Tragic drama brings out the best in an actor,, but I really do not like the impact it gives to the viewers,,
    It is right that when EunHo died in Hwnag Jinyi i also stopped watching it,,
    because it is JKS role and JKS will not anymore be seen in the drama, after episode 9 im so,,so,,so sad! I cried a lot!

    I really commend him in Itaewon Massacre- he gave justice to the role!

    I think it would be best if he try a different role this time, because recently
    in these dramas/movies-A Happy Life, DoReMiFaSoLaSido, YAB, and Marry Me Mary-
    he played an idol who sings, or somebody in a band.

    But anyhow,, any way as long as it is JANG KEUN SUK, definitely I WILL NOT get tired of whatever it is! as long as I am seeing him,, ^_^

  8. oh no! these dramas are really sad! i would really prefer a romantic comedy too… but you’re right, if it makes him a better actor, then I will support him, I just hope also that they won’t let him die…:)

  9. d time will come that u wll b d best actor in ur country when u act in an interesting heavy tragic drama..huuu..i cant even stand this, bcz i wll miss ur v v v sweet smile like in romtc comdy drama..BTW also i ll alwys support u!

  10. I recall coming across a news article in February about PD Yoon and the drama Our Happy Days of Youth in one of the blogs. I was hoping then that they would cast JKS in the drama so hopefully my wish will come true.

  11. i wish sukkie will do this series ‘coz i want to see him acting in heavy drama so that he can show more his prowess in acting.. and if this makes him more recognize in his own country i really want to.. im wating and praying for the time that he will be love more in Korea as much as he is love in other countries.. JKS fighting! you can do it.. all your eels are just here to support you all the way!!! 🙂

  12. It’s very overwhelming to read all of the eels’ comments here.

    I’ve also noticed that the Korean media doesn’t recognize one of the rarest actors that you can ever find. And that’s what makes JKS a lot more admirable, coz he doesn’t care about the ratings or the non-recognition, but what he can do to make his work and the drama beautiful..i remember reading an interview with him wherein he said that these times are the “process” and that it’s okay if he wasn’t nominated for the Blue Dragon awards for the Murder at Itaewon, because someday, he’ll eventually get the “results”.. And as long as we’re here for him, giving our “loyalty” as what Wi Mae Ri says, I believe that he will strive further to becoming a world-renowned actor. JKS..CRI CRI NO MORE!

    • Sure glad to see Sukkie’s Korean fans here each time, welcome!!! ^_^ I understand Sukkie has many Korean eel fans who supported him back home & many of the international eel fans like us here will continue to support him as he is really a rare talented artiste with great personality!

  13. It’s very overwhelming to read all of the eels’ comments here.

    I, too, have noticed that the Korean media doesn’t recognize one of the rarest actors that you can ever find (kinda frustrating). But that’s what makes JKS a lot more admirable, ‘coz he doesn’t care about the ratings or the non-recognition, but what he can do to make his and the project beautiful..I remember reading an interview with him wherein he said that these times are the “process” and that it was okay if he wasn’t nominated in the Blue Dragon Awards for his acting in the Murder at Itaewon, because someday, he’ll eventually earn the “results”..

    And as long as we, eels, are here for him, giving our “loyalty” as what Wi Mae Ri says, I believe that he will strive further to become a world-reknowned actor..JKS..CRI CRI NO MORE! ^_^!

  14. Koreans should be proud to have an actor/singer who is multi talented.
    YAB brings Korean name to other parts of the world like Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia where most of his fans are from other races. But he brings us together
    despite of race and religion – how influential he is – don’t Korean thinks he’s GREAT.
    Yes, for me too – I watched Hwang Jini but after the episode when died – just lost
    interest to keep watching till the end. It is HIM that makes me want to watch the drama.
    His voice is superb – you know that my handphone message alert, alarm and incoming calls all uses the songs sung by him and even serenade me to sleep every night.
    Hei Sukkie – dont worry if Koreans did not acknowledge your talent and hard work
    you still have us (Eels around the world) to support you all the way to success.
    Keep up the good work but also please take good care of your health
    WE will always pray for your SUCCESS in your career.

  15. Tomorrow is uncertain but Jang Geun Suk has much potential and charisma. Jang Geun Suk has so many fans that he knows he will not stop learning and improving what he has got.


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