12 thoughts on “Lotte DFS behind-the-scenes pics”

  1. Awwwwwwww…… Love Love Love Love Love!!!
    Absolutely love all these pics!!! 😀
    I simply LOVE the last pic!!! JKS is looking sooooo gentle here!!! Smiling so sweet & softly that one will die from his gentleness!!!! hahaha!

  2. nice view to start the day… love the last picture, it’s looks like he is reading a text from his girlfriend inviting him to come over at her house for a dinner… hehehe

  3. is it true, the news he has girlfriend?? TT however….I will still support him.. like the leader fans in you’re beautiful drama ;’) Oppa fighting!!
    I think it would be better to support him as Go Mi Nam did! 😉

    • He doesn’t have a girlfriend , he was just kidding with the Japanese reporter.
      He said ” I have a girlfriend who is a Japanese ……. kidding! ” so it was just a joke to shock the reporter and readers ^_^
      Whoever he chooses at the end I will support him and her with all my heart. Hope he can find the perfect girl for him and start a family! JKS with children will be a sight to behold! loved how he handled mason in “Baby and I” he will make a great father! ^_^


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