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  1. thumbs up for you aphrael and the rest of the gals with you at bangkok…
    ohh are you the one with a long hair or with a short hair?.
    nice leopard-print suitcase…just like the coat of JKS during the presscon of MSOAN..you both have same taste..^_^
    your nephews are so cute…especially Ethan he’s naughty…lol

      • Lol…was about to ask the same cos I thought both of u got panda eyes…. yr nephews SO cute!!! Handsome too! The terrorists are gonna break some hearts 🙂

        Im not sure if there’s a problem w my iPhone or if you hv removed yr LH vids cos all the 13 downloads play only ‘the story of ME’? Wld love to keep yr vid for my personal viewing 🙂

      • Is it ur iPhone? I can play the LH videos on my blog – they’re fine ….

        ya, cute when they’re not screaming their head off (which is often XD ).
        When i say “kiss”, they run a mile off, break my heart already, haha!

      • Aphrael, it was my iPhone which went dizzy with too many vids of Sukkie…. I’ve got all the vids in my phone now 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing as always! yes, you should enjoy JKS intimately, we are ever grateful for you to think about us all this time.. its time for you to really see him with your own two eyes… again, thanks so much!! this is from a fan that lives across the globe that can only imagine what its to be like through your blogs 😀

    i have 2 terrorists too, and the video above cracks me up! thanks for sharing your family with us too!!

  3. Dear Aphrael,
    I love your blog so much since I knew it from Jan.
    I’m Vietnamese eel for nearly 3 years , and not good at English. So, I’ve just enjoyed your great works silently.
    Frankly, I love our Prince more and more because of your all efforts (don’t know any Korean, Japanese, or Chinese *shy*)
    Enjoy your KL trip ! I only need to read your FA and let my imagine work out <3

  4. Dear friend, thanks for sharing your own photo and family video. Your site has become more like a family to all of us now – from different countries, with different languages.

  5. Dear Aphrael,

    I’m an Indonesian ell and I really really love your blog. I open it every morning when I just came to the ofc, every lunch, and every night before going to bed :>
    Although I’ve known your blog since several months ago, I just enjoy it silently as I am not so good in writing. But, now, I would like to give you a big appreciation for all your hard work so that we can get update information on JKS.
    I will also be going to KL Cri show. Hope all of us can have fun there.
    Thanks again.

    • im indonesian eels too.. same with me, i really like aphreal blog.. i always wanna know about suk (suk neomu neomu neomu chuae) & I can find all about suk in here.. thanks aphreal..

      hope u always healthy, so u can always write about suk more and more…

  6. it’s good to hear that you manage to contact the driver, made travelling around much easier. can’t believe our luck to have found him then. during peak hours the taxi drivers in bkk really charges like airport/limousine rate. and he does know his way around bkk, so even if you don’t know a thing about bkk he’ll bring you some nice places to go shopping, sumptuous food and enjoyable tourist spots. i’d better send him a thank you card then, for not making me lose face on my recommendation 😛

  7. aphrael, hahaha..if KS see your luggage, he might ask where to buy, and want to have it too~!

    i’m happy that you enjoy your trip…
    besides jks cri show it self
    the 4seasons, the spa, gives u relaxed feeling from ur hectic schedule at bangkok… and you’ve met a lot of good friends which is ‘a little family’ from your community, those boosting your good mood for few months ahead…

    btw, about the ‘2 terrorist’, i might say, the naughtiest is the smartest…didn’t KS once said that he is very naughty when he was a kid ? ^^

    • hahaha.. i agree with u, if suk see aphreal luggage, suk must ask that.. suk really like leopard, maybe cause he leo’s..

      aphreal: may i know your facebook?

  8. hello,aphrael. I wonder how do you manage your costs to go all the overseas cri show? Such as ticket, 5 star a hotel etc. I also want to go the cri show everywhere jks has cri show.

    • erm… …. to answer your question seriously ….

      – not spend on non-essential items or save more where possible i.e. buy fewer clothes, eat cheaper food, cut down restaurant dining, cannot remember the last time I’ve been to the movies ….
      – work full time
      – work part-time
      – share hotel cost with friend
      – wait for my bonus ; p
      – swear off any travel in the rest of the year
      – no savings at all ….
      – worst comes to worst, i can stop giving my parents allowance for a month but I have not yet had to resort to that yet …. my mum is richer than me, can I not give her allowance?? * cry *

      i suppose just save for as long as possible, I’m sure sometime I’ll be able to save up enough to spend on JKS… XD

      • lucky u aphreal, can go wherever sukkie fm.. must be nice to come away with you.. I just came to singapore only, but i’m really happy cause i’m very close with suk, I sat in seat e6 (and it was a front seat).

        may i know your facebook or ym?
        gomawo aphreal..

  9. Hey Aphrael, do you know when is beijing cri show.R u going to go there. iam plannig to go . Let`s go together .

  10. hey aphrael! you should know, you really are a good writer, as in!! we are your fans already! hahha. thank you so much for the blogs and for welcoming us in your blog. 🙂 JKS should really read this site. are you not in any way, a journalist? 😀 you not only share news about JKS but you also make us feel comfortable in sharing anything about him. it’s nice to share these craziness with other people who understand you, you know without any questions, etc. so to everyone here, thank you too!
    I hope I can come with you the next time, (though I probably can’t afford a hotel like this. haha). anyway, I hope we all meet up some time. Cheers! 😀 LOVe it here!

  11. Hey Aphrael! Thank you for ur effort in updating us abt Suk, and ur FAs! Greatly appreciated ^^ Envy you eels who can travel to attend Suk’s FMs!
    hehe hope next time i will have the chance to join in you eels and attend his FMs together!
    Enjoy ur Msia & Shanghai FM!!

  12. Hi Aphrael, let me join everyone in thanking you for this wonderful site, always complete with updates, vids and pics of JKS. Keep up the good job!!

  13. Hi Aphrael,

    Thank you for sharing and upload the video! Appreciated very much!

    See you in Malaysia FM….hehe

    • There is no Cri Show in Beijing…. so may I know which date or event you are referring to?

      The last stop in Asia Tour is Shanghai on 9 July.

  14. Reading your blog is always putting the smile on my face, thank you, Aphrael, your love towards JKS is really impressive, and touched me.

  15. aphrael, I don’t find any words to express my thanks to your dedication to the report. And also I feel sorry for your deviation from your ideal and dedicated eels’ attitude to fulfill our wishes…

    So I hope you’ll enjoy KL Cri Show just for yourself, and forget that you operate a popular JKS’ fan blog.

    Again, I appreciate your kindness and love not only for JKS but for us here 🙂
    In addition, I love all eels here at your blog. They are sooooo nice and close to me ^^
    I’m sure they(of course, including me) all love you!!!!!

  16. Wow wow… Thanks Aphrael77 for providing the ‘temptations’ for this trip! I was so glad that I went with you. Totally enjoyed this JKS trip, although I was still hoping that we have more time to do some shopping… oh well we still did some ‘window shopping’ ya… 🙂

    See you again in a few days time.. remember to start preparing your speech now.. although based on past experience, its likely that all preparation will be forgotten when you see that gorgeous face.. haha

  17. Great work everyone who went to the BKK Cri Show (including Thai eel in picture)! Especially Ivy for bringing us the very detailed reports and making us (ME!!!) so geared up to go for other Cri Shows!

    Keun Suk said that he will be organising something in Korea next year as it is his X years anniversary as an artiste. Should we organise a group and go together? Making it a vacation in SKorea and at the same time with highlight of going for his event. We can start planning a 4/5 day trip (therefore need more advanced planning) to see, hear and buy more JKS stuff. Anybody here keen on the idea?

    • Yes! Definitely keen on this. If the dates doesn’t clash with my work (still upset that I can’t go to SH show cos of work) & we are really lucky to get tickets, it is a must go!!! 🙂

    • Hello Staying Up Late, YES YES please count me in as well!!! If the timing doesn’t clash with my work & no ‘other’ commitments on my end. I will definitely wanna go to his Korea anniversary celebration! 😀
      This will be so fun! Really hope to know all the eels here as all of you are so fun! 🙂

    • Staying Up Late, I’m going this Oct 🙁 But I’m think to go to his anniversary show, must be fun…. By then do announce and see how much the cost involved, working & family schedule… I know I will get my pocket burn for this Oct Korea trip !!

    • i want to go too! have they announced when will it be? so that we can request this early for leave from work. hehe. and to book tickets, which are cheaper if way way in advance. hehe. I will be saving up for korea next year. 🙂

  18. Way to go Aphrael!!! And also to the rest of the eels who went for the BKK cri-show! Thumbs up for you gals!! 😀
    Really wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Aphrael for her super dedicated love for JKS. Love all your daily updates of JKS, countless cute & sexy pics of JKS for us to drool at, and also videos to watch him move, sing & dance! 🙂

    Your love for JKS is really undeniable and all eels can vouched for that! hehee!
    Imagining me who only got to know about JKS through YAB last year end, and ever since i found your blog, i am HOOKED onto it!
    Every morning at breakfast, during lunch time, illegal short breaks during work, sometimes even on the move as well and lastly before bedtime, no matter what i have to open up your blog and read it! Hahaha!
    So as time goes by, i have already become your fan as well! Hehehe! 🙂
    Really appreciate all your hardwork & time spent here in keeping us fans so updated with JKS news. Thumbs up Aphrael! 😀

  19. Aphrael, really grateful for all your hard work up bring to us the best of the bkk cri show & maintaining your blog, u really went the extra mile for us to know more abt JKS! also very heartwarming that u shared with us abit about your family too 🙂

  20. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words! With JKS’ career taking off in Asia, sure there’ll be more JKS news and events for us to share! 🙂

  21. hi aphrael! same as other eels here thanks for this blog.. your two nephews are so cute.. i also have a little boy like them and when he saw i’m watching the vid of your nephew he sits beside me and watch too.. 🙂 anyway, just want to wish you good health and more blessings.. take care always! 🙂

  22. Wow nice suitcase, how much it cost? ^^
    Hi Aphrael, thanks for your sharing, I’ve been reading your blog since you start it last year. Bkk CriShow was my 1st show for this year, is a great show. I like the water gun ^O^Hope you have a wonderful time in KL and welcome to Malaysia 🙂

    • suitcase costs 2,500 baht – almost had no $$ left for lunch and dinner!

      and hope that M’sia Cri Show will be wonderful too! 🙂

  23. Dear aphrael77,

    would u please be kind just to take a few picture of JKS at his show tomorrow? at least.
    Please? Im dying to be there but I cant. and im here in KL and my workplace is in KLCC! dang. knowing that his coming and he’s here in Malaysia, i just feel him! hahaha..
    thanks in advance, but please please pleaaasseeee..take at least some snaps of him.
    😀 ur blog is awesome! now im a subscriber! nvr too late! lol it’s 3.10am now, and i just couldnt get my eyes off your update on JKS oppa. AND im half asleep i guess!

    God bless Jang Keun Suk!


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