24 thoughts on “[Fan Account] 28 May 2011 Bangkok Cri Show – Part 1”

  1. Wow!!!
    Your lively and honest fan account is very informative!!!
    And the pics above are so clear and beautiful, aren’t they?!
    Personally, I’m happy to know and see that JKS’ latest hair is long enough to be tied it back!
    I like this kind of hairstyle sooooo much!! He must be as cool as usual at LoungeH!!!!
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading par2 🙂

  2. Thanks, my dear, I always admire your die-hard fan spirit. Following him to the various FM, it’s really tough, although enjoy so much fun, but also endure a lot of hardship, salute you!

    Anyway this will be a very sweet memory of your youth, maybe it’s wakeup call for exercise? Hehe

    Have a good rest, to refresh for a next exciting event soon.

  3. you deserve a well pat on the shoulder. you have as always been to your best in giving us the up-to-date information, pics & videos.

    Thank you so much!!!

    We who weren’t able to attend definitely felt we were there – all thanks to you ;P

    Keep it up!!

  4. Yes, the Bangkok Cri Show looked like a great success both for Keun Suk, you and co! Seems like a lot of fun and saw on youtube (Thai eel had uploaded) that he actually spoke English, so at least you could understand some parts of the conversation in the show! Most importantly, Keun Suk appears to be really having a ball, enjoying the resounding welcome, interacting with his fans and handling his performances more effortlessly (having had two prior full scale practises). Now very tempted to go for another Cri Show. Are all the best tickets to the show in KL already sold out?

    • Hi Staying Up Late, i just saw from facebook that Rhythm Land still have tickets for vip, gold, silver and bronze available for sale.
      But i’m not sure if they are the best seats though. 🙂
      You might wanna try emailing RL for the vip tickets or surf through AirAsiaRedTix website for the gold, silver & bronze tickets. 🙂

  5. Hi Aphrael,

    It was really nice meeting u & Ferlyn. So glad that I was no longer braving the BKK FM venue on my own. Though I was at the show, it feels like I m reliving it when reading ur fan account. Simply love the way u write it.

    Thanks for the effort!

    • Hi Veron,

      It was nice meeting u too… Really had great fun there!!! 🙂

      Aphrael, it was fun travelling with you and I am really impressed by your dedication. You tried your very best to take photos & videos so that you can share with all of us… Looking forward to the KL trip again.. 🙂

  6. Hi Alphrael, I am new here, I have a question, at FB they reported that at FM questioning regarding who he like better GMN or WM, they reported that his anwer was “I don’t want to talk about love but I want to get marry soon!” is that true….I just want to just confirm because you were there. Thank you in advance….oh I want to thank you too for all your blogs, information, you are such a dedicated fan of JGS, I so admire you for your dedication. All the best for you.

  7. Thx Aphrael…. at least can see his pix, so cool & had his hair tied up…. I like it ! So envy the 3 fans got hug frm JKS. The way he hugged them make me melt…..

  8. Welcome back Aphrael!

    Can’t wait to read LH experience! Saw the vids on YT where he was having a jolly time shooting his eels! That boy will never grow up lol!

  9. Aphrael, TQVM for sharing your JKS world. A big thank you should come from JKS as well, for being his die hard fan, running after him through countries. Hopefully your effort and love for JKS would be handsomely rewarded soon….

  10. I hope it’s not late to thank u for all your effort (late sleep to upload videos etc)
    i enjoy every words that you post…
    and thanks for the beautiful video, even though it’s far enough taken from 2nd floor,
    but it’s clear enough to see our charming suk… ^^
    thanks thanks and thanks..! *hugs
    have a good rest dear ^^

  11. Yi….. must see his sly laugh? He’s so happy. Thanks to Aphrael & Ferlyn for your efforts.
    Aphrael, Ferlyn, did you get a hug from our sukkie which you very well-deserved? Share with us, too?

  12. as everybody say thank you so much for all your effort and dedication to this blog.. this blog is my everyday habit since it was started.. keep on giving us updates of our prince JKS and a very beautiful fan account of yours.. go go Aphrael, you’re one of the BEST!!! 🙂

  13. Thanks Aphrael for the fan account! and ur pictures are quite clear! i love his hairstyle in BKK cri show! i didnt know that tied up momo hair can be this awesome! Thanks for your effort in writing the fan acct. ^^ will be waiting for part 2! 😀

  14. Aphreal, welcome back! Glad 2 know that u enjoy yr trip at the end after all the hectics. Yr hard works r very much appriciated by all the eels around.I admire yr dadication n persistence.Ready 4 the next run in KL?

  15. i love the way he hugs EEL….
    feels so warm…
    i’m not jealous seeing them…
    i feel happy too for her and can feel her happiness and
    as if i also being hug by him too…

  16. He had done it again! Really can’t help it, SO in to him! huh, such a guy! Why are you born this way?! haha. everyone is getting crazy over you! 😀 just love him so. and miss him so.

    thanks aphrael! getting ready for your next date with him? so envious! enjoy! 😀 carol, prepare for your speech! haha;D will wait for both your stories. 🙂

    • Iceyelo,after seeing BKK FM i feel more anxious coz the security force r so tight & keep chasing eels out of stage. No sure enough of time to sd anything,not to mention ask for hug 🙁 Otokajo?


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