[News] ‘Hanryu Pia magazine’ JKS special edition with VR video will be sold again exclusively on BOOK PIA online and KOARI.net

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Photo credit: Hanryu Pia magazine

As we reported before, ‘Hanryu Pia magazine’ JKS special edition with VR video was sold for the first time in their publishing history. And this time, he’s not on the cover but as their special edition exclusively sold on BOOK PIA online and KOARI.net, his another VR video ‘JKS in Daebak’ will be released to celebrate the release of DVD&Blu-ray ‘Daebak’ in Japan. The regular edition sold at other online shops and bookstores has Daebak special mini book only.

Jang Keun Suk x ‘Hanryu Pia magazine’ 2nd collaborative project!
‘Hanryu Pia magazine’ April issue has 2 editions.
*The regular edition (1,000 yen) encloses ‘Daebak’ special mini book 18 pages.
*The special edition (1,800 yen) has an additional bonus, JKS’ VR video ‘JKS in Daebak’.
The release date is March 22nd (Wed).

[additional bonus for special edition]
0. JKS’ VR video ‘JKS in Daebak’
1. VR kit (simple goggles, special log-in ID & password, instruction book)
2. original photo sticker
* VR video length (scheduled): 10 minutes

[how to watch]
*You need smartphones
iPhone IOS8 to the latest, Andorid OS4.4 to the latest
You can check the previous guidance post

[how to get the special edition]
*exclusively sold at 2 online shops below, so you need to use tenso service if you want to order. Please check the details from here.
1. BOOK PIA: piabook.com/
2. KOARI: http://www.koari.net/shop/

[Info] How to order JKS stuff from Koari.net (and other Japanese online shops)

P.S. The cover of April issue is Lee Min Ho.

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