[News] ‘Hanryu Pia magazine’ JKS special edition with VR video will be sold exclusively on BOOK PIA online and KOARI.net

September 29, 2016 in Photos, Promotional News, Schedule by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Original source: hot-korea.com
Photo credit: Hanryu Pia magazine

Keun-chan hijacked ‘Hanryu Pia magazine’!
Jang Keun Suk x ‘Hanryu Pia magazine’ collaborative project!
‘Hanryu Pia magazine’ November issue regular edition
with JKS cover, 16 pages for the cover story, JKS’ bind-in poster
will be released on October 22nd (Sat)!
The special edition with additional bonus (JKS’ first VR video)
will be exclusively sold on BOOK PIA online and KOARI.net!

Korean wave magazine ‘Hanryu Pia’ will pass its 10th anniversary this year. The latest issue with INFINITE ‘L’ cover that was released on September 21st sells well. Meanwhile, they announced today that Jang Keun Suk who’s drawn attention by a historical drama ‘Daebak’ would appear on the cover photo and cover story of November issue.

They decided to release the special November issue with a VR kit that gives you a new entertainment, VR video of JKS interview besides the regular one. This is their first try to release such an experimental bonus besides the regular one. It’ll be exclusively sold on specific online shops. VR means ‘virtual reality’. Seeing 360°/180° VR videos with a smart phone, a dedicated application, and a dedicated goggle, you can feel as if you were there in reality.

Following the instruction book enclosed ‘Hanryu Pia’ special edition with the bonus, you will be able to enjoy an unusual virtual experience as if you were in the same room where JKS was interviewed through the VR video. Besides the cover, the cover story and JKS’ bind-in poster, the special edition with a bonus offers JKS’ VR video linked with the special interview…. Literally ‘Hanryu Pia’ November issue is full of JKS, must-buy magazine for his fans. The special edition with the bonus VR video will start accepting the order on September 30th (Fri).

*The details of ‘Hanryu Pia’ November issue special edition with JKS’ VR video
[spec] all color pages/ A4 size/ 128 pages

[price] 1,800 yen

[November issue features]
Jang Keun Suk cover
Jang Keun Suk cover story (16 pages)
Jang Keun Suk bind-in poster

[additional bonus for special edition]
1. VR kit (simple goggles, special log-in ID & password, instruction book)
2. original photo sticker
* VR video length (scheduled): 10 minutes

[how to watch]
*You need smartphones
iPhone IOS8 to the latest, Andorid OS4.4 to the latest
1. Access the special URL that is written in the instruction book enclosed with VR kit via PC
2. Log-in with the special ID and password that are written in the instruction book
3. Follow the guidance and download the VR video via PC
4. Download the special application on your smartphone
5. Transfer the downloaded video to your smartphone
6. Set up the VR kit and place your smartphone on it
7. Follow the guidance on the screen, and you’ll see the VR video

[how to get]
*exclusively sold at 2 online shops below, so you need to use tenso service if you want to order. Please check the details from here.
1. BOOK PIA: piabook.com/
2. KOARI: http://www.koari.net/shop/
The reservation by online shops starts on September 30th (Fri) 15:00

*The details of ‘Hanryu Pia’ November issue regular edition
[spec] all color pages/ A4 size/ 128 pages

[price] 1,000 yen

[November issue features]
Jang Keun Suk cover
Jang Keun Suk cover story (16 pages)
Jang Keun Suk bind-in poster

[how to get]
sold at bookstores, online shops including BOOK PIA

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