[schedule] TEAM H PARTY Guangzhou on January 8th, 2017!

Credit: @HS_EnC官方微博
Shared by Hazy from ECI

Date: January 8th, 2017 (Sunday)7:30 P.M.
Place: Guangzhou central station rockhouse
Ticket: RMB 1880

3 ways to get tickets.
1. China OFC will open for pre-sale on 26 Dec, limited to 100 tickets only. Applicants have to be members of China ofc. Please refer to the notice in China ofc for application details.

2. Fans can also obtain tickets through China mobile site on 28 Dec when you apply for a one time talk time fee of RMB2388. You may win entrance ticket, group photo (group of 30).
** note: the link is now updated. More information will be released 28/12 9am from the telecom company on show tickets details.

3. Yongle will open sale to public on 28 Dec from 9am.

6 thoughts on “[schedule] TEAM H PARTY Guangzhou on January 8th, 2017!”

  1. Wow! This is a great news for Chinese Eels! I think this will be the first time for Team H to hold a “party” in China. Omo! Happy for Chinese Eels!

  2. I am an International Eel and I live on mainland China. All i want to do is get a ticket and attend this event but it seems so complicated or impossible. You would think being an OFC member matters but apparently it does not matter? I am frustrated and dissappointed


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