[Video] Macau short film viewing full 20min_20161209

Credit: 张根硕中国40岁鳗鱼妈妈群
Original source: YOUKU
English translation: Hazy from ECI

Qn1: what prompted you to want to direct 2 short films?
JKS: The perspective of the 2 short films are very different. Basically I hope to portray my imagination of loneliness and memories of a father into the story. As I major in movies in school, so I am keen to film a movie a year.

Qn2: Fiction vs documentary
JKS: I personally acted in the documentary. I did not act in the fiction. As I was focusing on directing, so it’s a production that presented different areas to the audience.

Qn3: About “The Great Legacy” – the direction JKS wants to go if he venture into filming?
JKS: Actually when I am producing a film I focus on directing. I see many things that I previously didn’t. Especially since I am an actor myself, what I chat with the actors in the short film on topics about acting and directing. I felt really blessed.

Qn4: How would you direct the actors (in the short film)?
JKS: Well, with regards to presentation of the character, there may be differences between what the director and actor thinks. Through multiple discussions, it helps to narrow the gap and everyone puts in effort to make this possible. I once again learnt the difficulty of being a director. And an actor is an amazing role in creating something from nothing.

Qn5: Will the next film be a fiction or documentary?
JKS: ~answered in English~

Qn6: As an actor, what type of roles would you like to challenge next?
JKS: I wish try out something that I have not done thus far. Like action films.

Qn7: MC asked JKS thoughts on IFFAM and there is any films or directors that he would recommend
JKS: Firstly to be invited as the ambassador in the First International Film Festival of Macau I feel really honored. What’s most amazing is, not just our country. I could interact with people from over the world. In this aspect I felt it’s the most meaningful part of this IFFAM and most important thing is
I am here as a director and not an actor, so I feel really honored.

Qn8: what prompted JKS to film in his elementary school?
JKS: I have always acted in front of the camera. I am very curious about the other side of the camera. So using the memory as a foundation, I hope to reflect on my own memory through the camera.

Qn9: In the next film, will JKS film something he is familiar with or venture into something different?
JKS: The film that I made now is a reflection of my personal memory. Actually through documentary film, the message I wish to convey is not just limited to this short film, but is seen through other films too. Documentary in comparison to fiction can better reflects one’s experience. This is important.

Eels Q&A session: 2 of 4 questions were done in English, so only translated the rest of 2.
eel: Shall I use Chinese or English?
translator: Both ok
eel: Hello JKS, I am eel from HK
JKS: Hello (in Cantonese)
eel: The first short film is too short. How did the male lead know the pin to the ATM in the end?
JKS: This is a little tough to comprehend. It’s easier if you understand Korean, but maybe when translated it may mean differently. Actually the name of the male lead’s dad has similar connotation to some numbers.

male eel: 긴장 ginjang (Nervous in Korean)
JKS: 긴장
male eel: very very…err… I love you… forever
JKS: yeah I love you man
MC: do you have a question to ask?
Translator: do you have a question, it’s ok to speak in Mandarin
male eel: ok I will use Mandarin. Actually I felt the movie earlier on talks more about the father, and we as audience felt like a family to him too. The feeling I get through the father is as though he is my family.
MC: so do you have a question?
male eel: well… question… no

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  1. Waah a great thanks for subbing it.. Really wanted to know what did he say in korean.. Thanks a lot.. <3 <3
    We will love to see u both as actor and director..
    Directing will completely showcase how unique his talent is except being a super genius actor??And Now Suk also dreams to b a script writer.. waah i love this MAN a lot for his passion..

  2. Thank you so much for translate this interview… I really loved it!!! I’m so glad for him … I wish more success for him … He really deserve it!!!


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