13 thoughts on “2011.05.15 JKS in Asian Countdown Hello Korean Star Part 5/5”

  1. ladymoon029, thanks for completing the subs!!!

    I’m glad to know this program will be continued next week.
    I hope ladymoon029 will try to translate it again ^^

  2. This video is so funny…JKS has doubts whether the mc likes girls or not! hahaha! Even the mc is obviously a victim of JKS virus…He loves JKS!

    • the cute MC really adores Sukkie & like u said, he already caught the JKS’s virus…charmed & smiles throughout !!! ^_^

    • LOL yah… JKS felt that the MC oso veri excited over him… this is so funni and JKS is so sweet to the MC by giving him the plushies and said dun bye bye yet… guess the MC wans to transform to a gal oredi..

  3. ha ha ha..Suk was teaching Korean to MC…say “you’re my girl” ~~,,
    Soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee^^
    can’t wait until next week…definitely will be funny

  4. Thank you 1000 times to Ladymoon & Aphrael for sharing this super hilarious video. 😀
    JKS and the MC Dong is so funny in this episode!! I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole video. Hahaha!
    The MC really adores JKS and i think the both of the ‘like’ each other!! Hahahaa! 😀
    Oh my! I can’t wait for the clips next week, MC Dong is going to follow JKS for 3days! Wow!
    I wanna be the MC! hahaha! 🙂

    • hahah me too tink they both like each other… jus by seeing that JKS gave him such sweet gifts… nv seen him treat other MC so nice.. guess they both r comical and ‘click’ well together… 😀

  5. for a moment there I think JKS really freaked out! hahahaha it was so funny!

    MC: I noticed korean girls are so pretty!
    JKS: so you like them?! ….. me too! hahahahahaha

    then again at the end

    JKS: you like girls right?!

    it was really funny.The both of them were so cute. MC is really a JKS fan saying he likes him and that he’s his idol. I can’t stop laughing!

      • that would have been JKS cue to run the heck out of there!
        it would have been real funny.
        it’s nice to see JKS has some fan boys too.
        it’s cute that the MC sees JKS as his idol ^_^

  6. Never enough tks 2 Ladymoon n Aphreal 4 bring in such entertain’g program.I’ve got freshen-up a lot after finish’g a tiring overnite-work.The program has shown why Sukkie is special n different fm the other Korean celebrities.He shows sincerity n honesty even when he faces the press,which would surely make him one of the most popular artists in the entertainment industry in the SE region.Hope he will never change this special qaulity of his when he becomes more famous n rich.


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