Shanghai Cri-Show: ticket sales details

* NEW bank transfer details updated as of 20 May 2011, 4.35 pm Singapore time

Date of Cri Show: 9 July 2011, 19:30 hours
Venue: Shanghai Chang-ning Sports Centre (rough translation)
Ticketing agent: Ticketing Online
Ticketing website:
Ticket price: RMB 1280(standing VIP area)/ RMB 880 / RMB 580(normal)

HS Media is allowing pre-order from 20 May (10:00 hours China time) till 27 May (18:00 hours).

RMB 1280 ticket-holders get to take part in a lucky draw; prizes are 100 autograph passes and 100 photo-taking passes. RMB 880 ticket-holders get to take part in a lucky draw to win 200 photo-taking passes.

Pre-Order Information

1. Hong Kong fans can pre-order through their fanclub forum.

2. China fans can pre-order through their fanclub forums.

3. Besides the above, fans who want to buy RMB 1,280 and 880 tickets can fill in the pre-order form and email it to HS Media,

Every person is entitled to buy a maximum of 4 tickets. Once pre-order is successful, there will be no refund allowed unless in very exceptional cases. Choice of seat is not allowed. Tickets will be despatched to overseas customers. Please check courier rates at

4. Pre-Order Form

预购人姓名 Name:
有效证件号码 ID / Passport No.:
预购数量 No. of tickets:
快递地址 Recipient’s address for delivery:
联系电话 Contact number:
汇款人姓名 Name of person making funds transfer:
汇款时间 Funds transfer time:
Amount transferred: [please break down the ticket amount and courier charges]
汇款凭证扫描件 Scan of documentary proof of funds transfer

5. Bank Transfer Details

Name of Bank: Construction Bank Corporation,ShangHai Branch.
银行名称: 中国建设银行股份有限公司上海市分行
Bank Address: NO.900,Lujiazui Ring Road,200120,PUDONG,SHANGHAI,P.R.CHINA.
银行地址: 中国上海市陆家嘴环路900号,200120.
电话(Tel): (8621)58880000*8909
Beneficiary Name: ZHOU XINXIN (周鑫新)
Account No.: 6227 0012 1794 0142 773

Aphrael’s Note:

I recall that the direct pre-order to HS Media option was actually terminated during the last FM pre-order, just a couple of days into the pre-order period, with the given reason that the response was overwhelming. So not sure how it will work out this time round. Again, I am sorely tempted to go to Shanghai FM….


大家好,这里是HS Media!
活动时间:2011年7月9日 19:30
订票热线: 400-610-3721
票 价:RMB 1280(摇滚区)/ RMB 880(下看台)/ RMB 580(普通票)
HS Media现安排在出票前进行提前预购。
凡购买880门票的观众可参加抽奖活动, 包含200名合影名额。

1. 香港粉丝可以参加香港论坛进行预购各档票价的门票。
2. 中国内地粉丝可以参加内地论坛进行预购各档票价的门票。
3. 除以上预购渠道之外,其他粉丝购买摇滚区和下看台门票也可以填写好预购表格发到HS Media的官方邮箱: 进行预购,每人限购4张,预购成功后,非不可抗力因素,不退票,不能指定位置。我们将统一用顺丰快递从上海发送,详细资费以顺丰网站查询为准!
6. 预购表格:
预购人姓名 有效证件号码
预购数量 快递地址及联系电话
汇款人姓名 汇款时间

7. 汇款账户信息:
帐 号:6227 0012 1794 0142 773
户 名:周鑫新

11 thoughts on “Shanghai Cri-Show: ticket sales details”

    • Thanks jjones, it’s really last minute notice and last-minute decision on my part to go to Shanghai FM too, so I am going to transfer payment to HS Media today.
      I sure hope they don’t terminate their payment channel half-way like what happened last time!

    • Wah loa! Aphrael you are going to Taiwan & Shanghai……really spend all your $$$$ for JKS, FIGHTING to earn more yo!!! R u going alone?

      • … i’m in a perpetual state of being broke…. XD
        hoping for more bonus this year…hee, hee~

        Currently alone to Shanghai …. * so lonely * haha~!

    • Aphrael, so envy you. Can go anyway u like ….. v ahjumah have to consider this and that…. what else family lol! Dun worry Shanghai is a big city, u won’t get missing….. c any of your FB friend can guide or fetch u long. Hope you can get the VIP ticket _ authograph session since is a lucky draw. Wah! by then u can get JKS’s hug in Taiwan & Shanghai ….. get ready with your axe or kwan loong ointment yo!

  1. Dear Aphrael, I think the details for transferring payment is the same as last year because the account no. is the same. I’ve got it from HS Media last year. Pls check if it correct or not. Hope this can help you more or less ^^

    Receiving Bank: China Construction Bank
    Branch Name : LuWan Sub-branch,Shanghai
    Bank Address : NO.530,XUJIAHUI Road, LUWAN District,SHANGHAI.
    Bank Account No. : 6227 0012 1794 0142 773
    Bank Tel. : 021-95533
    Bank Account Name : ZHOU XINXIN (周鑫新)
    Bank Swift Code : PCBCCNBJSHX

    • Ah!! Ladymoon, you just saved my life!!!!

      I’m at the remittance company but realised I don’t have their account name in English and cannot transfer.
      Thank you so much!!!!!!

  2. wow aphrael! really envy you!!! heehee. enjoy alrights! and must control if u see JKS up close, cannot faint! hahaha. ya need to prepare lots of ointment just in case. hahahaha!

  3. Good Luck 4 the ticket order.I’m still strugl’g on the HK fanclub website.I may try 2 order ticket as an overseas-er since all the details are given here.Aphreal, I will keep u update of my progress n see if u want 2 join me in Shanghai.It will b my first trip 2 Shanghai too.Seems like we may need 2 travel all over Asia fm now on……

    • hi, i am also struggling to remit money to that China bank account. please note in my updated post the new bank account transfer details that HS Media just emailed me today.

      And I still cannot remit $$ cos the 3 places I tried asked for information that HS Media did not provide ……
      When I have further information from HS Media, I’ll update …

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