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  1. Thanks aphrael77 for the translation!!! ^_^ I guess I’m also one of those many who are attracted by Sukkie’s sexy yingyang look as he is very unique as I have not seen someone like him before who has a chameleon look, talented in many ways, cute & yet matured etc… like what the manager Kim has said, don’t know how to describe him…LOL..

    • hi deborah,

      I love these videos! JKS attended this TV interview when he was in Taiwan during Oct 2010, and this TV interview, around 40 mins, really show JKS at his most genuine, most cute and most witty… through them, I got to understand Sukkie much better. Subtitling these has been at the back of my mind for a long time, because….

      (1) JKS has too much current news for me to keep up with

      (2) it takes much time and effort to translate and subtitle
      a 10-min video will take me about a day or longer (with my other commitments)

      …. so when I do have time, I’ll definitely get round to it…..

      • Aphrael, perhaps you can hold classes for those interested and has time to help you sub the vids? Just a suggestion… πŸ™‚

      • hello,

        A wonderful suggestion… but there is no need to hold a class.
        The good news is, I wrote the instructional manual (in Word doc) on how to subtitle a video.

        (must credit fellow online friend LizzyD cos without her help, i would not know how to do it at all! But there were parts that simply didn’t work and many of my brain cells must have died through hours of experimenting) but in the end I came up with something that worked (for me), so those interested don’t have to go through the hair-pulling process.

        It’s the IT / technical guide on what free software to download from the internet (link provided too), and has screencap step-by-step guide on what to do.

        I say again, it’s not the technical part that is difficult, once you are familiar with the steps.
        It’s the translating that takes hours. So if anyone wants my guide, as usual, u can leave a comment anywhere and I’ll send it to the email address you have input here ^^

      • Gosh I have been looking for this series of interview for so long!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks deborah/aprhael for posting here πŸ™‚ This ranks as one of my most loved interview of JKS for its sincerity of the show’s production in letting fans like us understand more about JKS and for JKS being sooooooo lovable here (as always)!

        Ok i got to admit, i actually teared at what JKS wrote in a letter for himself 10 years later. It really showed his heart/maturity/dedication i feel. I’m no professional subber, but here’s a very literal/rough translation of what he wrote! Feel free to correct me πŸ™‚
        To Geun Suk (the JKS 10 years from now)….
        Geun Suk ah
        You have walked this (artiste) path till now
        You have worked hard
        Are you tired?
        You are already jaded of this type of life now? How can you think of that?
        From now till end of life
        You’ve got to continue running (towards your goals)/continue this journey
        Together with all your eels/fans
        If you pretend to be sick (to get out of this career/path), you are so dead!
        *so touched! sobs*

      • Aphrael, can send me said manual pls? I’m looking fwd to hearing from LizzieD too…do u know if she has a blog? Love the way she writes & put across her points. That girl is really something! (err….LizzieD, if u happen to read this, please do visit us more often ok) 

      • yes, me too, last year when first watched the TV interview of Sukkie, I’m so touched by what he wrote to himself for the 10 years’ time capsule.. the wordings come so naturally from him, really really heart warming words…

      • this is the second video i saw the host made fun of his advertisement pic wearing underwear.. LOL.. and his attempt to discard it was so cute.. and I saw he was very serious in emphasizing that he’s not a gay… keun suk ah.. of course we believe u’re not one.. u’re our prince charming..of course u’re a straight guy. we trust u, dear…

    • Ok wait a minute…. Did I hear wrongly or did he take a bite of a ‘penis’?????? (refer to the last link, just before he was chased with the head of a duck)

      Let me roll on the floor 10 times laughing first!!!! Wahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

      • oh, was it a ‘penis’? hahahahaha….. i also like his frankness and honesty in the last link where he admitted that he’s a lustful guy… by peeping at the pic’s cleavage….which ‘straight’ guy isn’t lustful? but at least he dares to admit it in a national tv show and not pretended to be a hypocrite.. and in the 3rd link, it’s so funny when the MC tried to make fun of him when he described the body shape of his ideal girl… and his responses were so witty and adorable… even the MC said that he’s so excited to have such an adorable, playful and cute guest in his program

    • Oh NO….it is “peanuts” not “p…” ^_^ it is duck tongue with peanuts gravy on it…the host pronounces wrongly!! LOL….I don’t think Sukkie dares to try that as he ran away from the duck head offered to him even…

      • aphrael77, heee..without Eng Sub, the interpretation can go wild in this crazy blog site…LOL!!!

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