25 thoughts on “Wallpapers Freebie 10: From BlueInLive”

  1. Super nice wallpapers! why so handsome?! lol!
    btw eels, i just bought May issue Color magazine, with JKS poster inside! 😀
    and today got so many pictures of him, im a happy girl now 😀

      • haha but the poster quite small, the cover page is JKS and Aaron Yan. 😀 Do u happen to know which mag come with his poster? haha, like that its more worth it 🙂

      • its at kinokuniya 😀 i bought for $8.90. kino got quite a lot of those tw mags, some hv him on cover page.

      • Ahh…. thanks for the info cottoncand_y! 🙂
        Yeah! I am going to Kino tomorrow! Yippeeeeee!!!

      • no prob! if u see anymore mags featuring uri sukkie, best if it have free poster of him, do tell us. heehee 😀

      • Hi cottoncand_y, i bought the Color magazine today! So happy to see so many pages of JKS and a poster inside! 🙂
        (but sadly the poster is slightly crumpled at the folded areas, i think it’s bcos the poster was pressed too tightly in between the magazine.)
        Too bad the staff at Kino say all Entertainment magazines are not allowed to be open for checking before purchase. They say only Fashion magazines and books can be open. Therefore i only get to open it when i got home. 🙁

        I also bought a China magazine called “韩流飓风” (Han Liu Ju Feng), but there’s only 2 pages of JKS inside. But it’s very cheap lah, only S$5.29 🙂

        And i bought the May issue of Fans magazine too… S$9.22 🙂
        But sadly again, there are scratches on the magazine cover which i only get to see when back at home. 🙁
        (cos the magazine was wrapped up)

        Oh ya! I bought the Hot Chili Paper Plus 12 – My Lovely K-Boyfriend with DVD too!!! Cost me S$43!!!

        Our dear JKS is really making me go crazy and spend $$ like crazy too! Hahaha! 🙂

      • I’m disappointed with the poster in “Color” – i think the pic they selected is not of poster quality – i won’t be pinning this up on my wall… 🙁

        when i get home tonight, i can scan the poster if i remember to (too many things on my to-do list!)

        and the article in “Color” is just a rehash of all the information and news we know already, with bits and pieces taken from previous interviews…. nothing original …

      • So is Color an english magazine & everything else is in Chinese? Might get my friend to get me a copy 🙂

      • Hello aphrael, yup i was kinda disappointed too. Like what you mentioned, i also find the Color mag poster image not of good quality, it’s a bit blurry and spotty. I suspect they re-print the image from elsewhere. So either that, they use lousy printer and paper quality. 🙁
        Ya, all the news inside the mags we knew about it already.

        @ jetstar07 – Sad to say Color & Fans magazine are all in Chinese.

      • yeah, the quality not very good, and quite small also. woah crazyoverJKS, ure really crazy over him! bought so many magazines. haha, there’s another china magazine, cool轻音乐, May 2nd half issue. heard that inside have large poster of him and also few pages of interview of him. wonder if kino will sell them or not.

      • crazyoverJKS, you are really crazy over JKS ya! Spend most of your $$$ to buy mags. BTW do u know mandarin? If yes, very much better than me. Coz I only but the mags to see his cuties, handsome + beautiful face without knowing what is the actual repoting. Sometimes I asked my girls to be my translator….. Thereafter ??? Keep it & hide from my hubby lol….. hehehehe

      • Hi hi cottoncand_y & Carol70 🙂
        Yaloh!! I am really going super crazyoverJKS!!! How huh? Even i myself couldn’t believe it! Hahaha!

        I actually spent 1.5hours at Kino just to search for all magazines with his face on it! hahaha!

        And there are quite a number of Japanese, Taiwanese & China magazines with JKS on it, but some are just small pics on the cover. And i am not sure how many pages of JKS will be featured inside. But like what Aphrael mentioned, most of the pics & news are quite similar i guess.
        And i can’t possibly buy all the mags, so no choice i got narrow down my purchases by putting those YES DIE DIE must BUY on my left, and those NO not to buy on my right! hahaha!
        Just like plucking flower petals like that… (You love me, You don’t love me!!) Hohohoho! 🙂

        @ cottoncand_y, i didn’t see the cool轻音乐 at Kino yday too leh. 🙁

        @ Carol70, i can speak but can’t read chinese words. Unless there is hanyu pinyin. I am chinese but i sucks at it. Hehee! ;p

        Aphrael, you were at Kino yday too?? ME too! I was at Kino Taka from 7-830pm! hahaha!

      • hahaha! btw regarding the cool magazine, my friend asked the kino staff just now, she say probably till the end of this month or next month will have. dunno isit true or not. haha
        the jap mag section is very big, very hard to find the mag that have his face on the cover. lol

    • All the magazines mentioned (Color, Fans, etc.) are in Chinese. They are written in traditional Chinese (not Simplified Chinese as used in Spore). Magazines from HK and Taiwan are in traditional Chinese. China and Spore use simplified Chinese.

  2. :'( even simplified chinese i can’t understand. oh well, i guess i just have to be contented in browsing the web for his photos then.

  3. since so many magazines over a few countries had used JKS as cover and the sale is so good.. why none Sin Magazines use him as cover??? Im looking forward it since his FM on Apr.

    • my conclusion is, S’pore is prejudiced.
      The entertainment scene is not really promoting him, cos he only comes for a few days a year ….

    • yeah. i m wondering this too. he should be featured in at least 1 sg mag! i always see those taiwan stars appearing on the cover, but seldom korean stars. feel so sad. Inside teenage mag only have 1 page of him, and the cover is snsd. should switch. lol! now that im praying for teens mag june issue will have him, but i doubt so. ):


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