37 thoughts on “[CF] Lotte DFS pics”

    • …. Carol, just a suggestion, if u really change ur name to crazyoverjks2, and if we have lots of 2, 3, 4, it’s going to be hard to recognize everyone!! : p

    • Aiyoh carol, I was searching for you under the old name…lol!
      Anyway my friend said to find it at Watson 1utama old wing. Good luck!!
      And aphrael, if u happen to see it in KL, maybe u can buy for us too??? Hehehe!!

      • itll be fun to change all of our names with crazyoverjks + numbers after and see how far it will reach!

    • Wahahahaahaha!!!! Carol, you are so funny lah! 🙂 🙂
      You really change your name here! Make me laugh non-stop!
      Aiyo! I think it will be real fun to meet up with all of you here! 🙂

      Yea, i still prefer your old name too. So that i know who is who. hehee!

      OMG!!!! I can’t do anything now…… i am just staring at my laptop helplessly!!!
      His smile is KILLING me!!!!!! Arghhh………….. why is JKS sooooooooooooooo handsome & attractive???!! Why Why Why!!!!
      Arghhh….. i am going MAD liao! Hahahaha! 🙂

      • I did notice but I though perhaps it was there all along and that I’ve never noticed it before…. My twitname is ‘jgscrazed’, such a coincidence!

    • LOL…if we have many crazyoverJKS to infinity here…aphrael77, u may consider changing your blog’s name to crazyoverJKSforever&ever ^_^

  1. I’ve informed that effec today i will chg my name in the blog…… Since my prev name is more famous then i chg back la! Ok will try watson 1utama. But far frm my place. Thx F1968

    • Why don’t you gv them a call first? That way, u won’t be making a wasted trip if it’s not available 🙂

      • Will try to call. But difficult to get them as their phone located at store but people outside. I hv tried few outlets but can’t reach them…… hmmmmmmm. C i hv luck or not?

    • Thanks QQeyes007 for sharing this video.
      This is so funny & i couldn’t stop laughing whenever the music changed when JKS is jealous. Hehehe! 🙂
      He look so adorable even when he is angry. OMG! Cute!!! 🙂

    • sure nice to see u all enjoy this as i will burst into laughter whenever I see this too & it always remind me that Sukkie has many dedicated, creative & crazy eels supporting him, that is why we are able to meet here & view this together with smiles on us ^_^ (I think eels make fun of Sukkie often too as he is too cute!)

  2. Haha, i think we better stay at our own name, easy to recognize, even age.

    It’s good idea we meet together once a while, may meet Orchard Road, or to our home, if you like comfortable sit together to enjoy JKS’ TV or movie.

    If you like the idea, you may come to my home, some nights my husband needs work, we will free to crazy about JKS. I am living Bt Panjang area.

    • Tks for e offer fellow ’68 but nights are not poss for me 🙁 my only free day is Saturday drg the day 🙂

      • Haha, we have different commitments in our life, so we just keep on communicating here, wait suitable time, I hope not until next Singapore FM.

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