13 thoughts on “Screencaps from “Marry me Mary” photo-book DVD”

  1. Hi Ivy,

    I’ve heard of the M3 photobook but did not know that there is a DVD??? Can you confirm that there really is a photobook DVD and where can it be obtained? Or are these screencaps found in the M3 Limited Edition DVD instead which includes the making of BTS, due to be released on 7 May (ie the one that I ordered but have yet to received)? I love M3 to bits (maeri and mugyul are uber cute together!) and would like to the obtain the DVD that contained those screencaps above. Thanks!

    • … lol …. erm, do what i do…. just try and ignore it?
      not sure whether it works for you!

      or, if we cannot get the Taiwan FM ticket, then u consider buying this as consolation? 🙂

      • You can read my mind, haha… I also told myself if can’t get Taiwan fm ticket, I can buy the DVD…. But i got the feeling that the DVD set may be selling at a cheaper price in Taiwan lo, so may end up getting both in the end…..

  2. Think he will excel in a Geek role too! It will be great fun to watch ie geek turned suave, cute guy who gets the girl a the end. Yes! I would love to watch such a drama.


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