[Oct 2010] JKS Hawaii Trip – videos 1 to 4

Credits: Baidusukbar

JKS news are so slow this weekend that it’s time to post my all-time favourite JKS videos – his Hawaii trip in Oct 2010, though you may already have seen them before. I love JKS, he’s always so himself even in front of the camera. And I love watching him do anything – eat, sleep, shop, surf …. Feast your eyes on JKS on the beach! Sigh, what a cute boy!

Ok, enough of my gushing. Hope you like these videos as much as I do!




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  1. i’m so late to the jgs train. just finished watching you’re beautiful a few days ago and i’m absolutely in love w/this guy. thnks for sharing this. it was great fun to watch. ^^

      • i know. i can’t believe he’s not as popular in s.korea than he is overseas. he needs to be in more things for me to watch. i’m denying myself MSOAN bcuz of school work right now, but that doesn’t stop the constant youtubing to watch him or the fantasizing. 😡

      • his Korean eels are a fantastic group of people though, very loyal and take good care of JKS. During MSOAN’s last (outdoor) concert filming, his eels prepared very nice food for JKS and filming crew. They did that on several occasions for his previous drama filming too. He’s a very blessed guy to have the love of so many eels!

        well, MSOAN would have to wait till your hols I suppose, but fantasizing is good for every day! 🙂

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