[Feb 2011] JKS online magazine volume 04 百度碩吧線上雜誌 2011年2月份

All credits to: Baidusukbar

Did I say I love Baidusukbar? They’ve got Korean-Chinese translators, and a wonderful and dedicated publications team who brings us a pictorial highlight of Jang Keun Suk’s recent activities. Enjoy!

p.s. Please do not reproduce elsewhere without proper credits.



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0 thoughts on “[Feb 2011] JKS online magazine volume 04 百度碩吧線上雜誌 2011年2月份”

  1. Thanks for the photos! I love him and do my best to make him known in my country. Told you he has a fan-club here but they are a few. I’m going to help! God bless him!

  2. thank u for the admin who made those all 🙂 i do personally like it 🙂 all in cheers no tired pic 🙂 and yes love KS on and on and on and on 🙂 geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 wish i can be the lucky one who can have a chance to send my dream message direct to KS 🙂 just one request that is important one in my life 🙂 whoa 🙂

  3. aphrael77 , where we can see this fanmade mag vol 01-03?? BTW, im jz start watch HGD..So far finished watch till ep 3..Suk screen time so less in first 3 episodes..Hope can see him a lot after ep 3..

    • erm hmm, i was actually trying to avoid the question of where is magazine volume 1 to 3 ….. haha …. will try and see what I can find ….

      yup, JKS’ screen time in ep 1 to 3 is not a lot, i’m always impatiently waiting for him to appear! but JKS is fantastic as Prince Chang-Hwe!

      • yeah..so nice to see him in sageuk drama..already finish 5 ep..i too now hope he will do another sageuk drama n watch it live every week..hehe..
        thanks for the effort you putting for vol 1-3..

  4. Thanks! I wouldn’t do anything to harm him. If you have the chance send him my regards from Romania. I don’t think he knows too much about my country, but it is not too late. Bye!

  5. Hi!
    Am I bothering you? Sorry if I do! I was watching “Hong Gil Dong” , reached 21. You were right , the story is captivating, also interesting characteres. I was thinking during watching that Geun Suk has such a noble face and a voice that’s suits to such roles of aristocracy. I wouldn’t see him in a humble man role. In MSOAN he suits great in a rebel young man WHICH HE IS ! and even there he has a noble generous presence. I saw the promo for the “The case of Itaewon Homicide” and I’m going to look for it. It will be interesting. BYE!

    • Hi Magda,

      Nope you aren’t bothering me. basically i’m just swatting flies while waiting for JKS news… 🙂

      JKS’ acting never fails to amaze me – he imbues his characters with life.
      My heart went out to Prince Chang Hwe throughout the drama. As for his voice, he made his voice lower in HGD to portray a more ambitious man.
      He’s really into his character, isn’t he?

      Ooh, his acting in “Itaewon Homicide” is another knock-out performance… i always wish for more of him and less of other actors, haha!

      Can’t remember, but have you watched “You Are Beautiful” and “Baby and Me”?

  6. I’m glad I can talk to you now as I’m full of his music and ready to overflow. I can’t live without music and NOW I’ve found his songs that touches me in a very special way. You said about the voice of an ambitious man, but also in MSOAN he had some low accents especially when express deep feelings. This voice is not fake. I didn’t watch “You’re beautiful” and the other one as , in fact, in my country, none of his dramas were airing. I saw him first on KBSworld where I ‘ve MOVED my interest in the last year being sick of other kind of movies or drama, or politics. Politics is good when it has a finality not only to talk.So , after watching”The jewel at the palace” and “Yi San” at Romanian television, my curiosity blow up and looked for more. I ‘ve discovered that my CableTV has in its pack KBS and CCTV so I’ve changed my life since then.NOW I RECUPERATE THE TIM I’VE LOST READING AND WRITING AND WATCHING DRAMAS FROM KOREA which became my passion. I’m touched by JGS as he is special IN MY OPINION at least and want to know more and learn .Oooo! So i’ve written so much! But now you can understand my interest! See you!

    • I love JKS’ voice and his singing. i listen to his songs every day!
      The songs from MSOAN are very nice, and so are the 2 or 3 songs he sang in “You Are Beautiful” (YAB) or “He’s Beautiful”.
      The thing is, the songs that JKS sang in YAB are also sung by other singers, but somehow JKS makes more of an impact on me.
      The versions by the other singers are just so ordinary and nondescript.

      YAB is the drama which propelled him to fame in Asia, and i think in the West too.
      It was number one on the ratings in Japan, and definitely a must-watch.
      I didn’t watch his debut drama “Hwang Jin Yi”.

      After Hong Gil Dong and Itaewon, my recommendation would be YAB and “Baby and Me” (movie).
      I think YAB is a great drama!

  7. Loving…Jang Geun Suk and ‘ i Love Jang Geun suk” are the same? Look on Facebook and you’ll see that is full of invitation to log in .I write sometimes on Facebook notes .

  8. Oh! Done it!
    I’ve finished “HGD”, crying, etc. I’m looking for “Itaewon” tonight as tomorrow is Sunday and not going to school. I didn’t tell you I’m a teacher. Isn’t it funny? But I myself was and am a rebel so …Good night!I’m sure you’re sleeping.

  9. Hi!
    I’m glad I found out about his album.Hope to be great! Did you know? I know it is selfish from me , but truly I hope till summer it will be on YouTube for his fans from looong distance. I wish he will make a lot of money with it and to be a success! Bye!Be well!


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