[Deadline: Fri 6 May 2011] Aphrael77’s Group Order for Jplus official photo-book

Dear Friends,

This is just a reminder for those residing in Singapore who wish to pre-order Jplus through me, and haven’t done so.

As of now, I have sent a pre-order email to those who have indicated interest to order, and you need to transfer payment to me by end of Friday 6 May 2011 for me to include your order.

Currently there is no official news at all on the contents and release date of the International version of the photo-book.
Anyway, please note the possibility that if there are excess copies of Jplus, these MAY be available on YesAsia etc at a later date (which includes shipping charges usually). So it is your decision whether to order through me now.

Once I have placed the order on the Japanese website, no refund will be made to you.


Many thanks to Ferlyn who highlighted the GST issue and credit card promotion (erm sorry I didn’t have time to do thorough research….).

vPost has confirmed that for individually packed shipments below S$400 per shipment, GST will not be incurred. This means I will place various orders instead of one big order.

For details on the pre-order, please refer to this post.

For details on what Jplus is all about, please refer to this post.

12 thoughts on “[Deadline: Fri 6 May 2011] Aphrael77’s Group Order for Jplus official photo-book”

  1. Dear aphrael and other eels,
    I’m so sorry that I haven’t got any updates about the international version and
    DVD attached Jplus Limited yet… (;_;)

    As you know, the period of pre-order will be finished on May 10, 2011.
    Then, the regular order program of them will be started.
    The details of photo-books may be updated after the deadline of the pre-order period…

    But I’m still waiting for the reply from Frau now.
    As soon as their reply is sent, I will post the update.

    • Hi tenshi,

      The lack of updates is entirely due to the vendors, so you don’t have to apologize for that.
      Thanks so much for helping us with the enquiries 🙂

    • Hi Tenshi,

      I have decided to order the Jplus limited only (instead of all 3 types) and reserve cash for the international version if and when it comes up later. So I am covered both ways! Thanks for keeping track and let as know when you hear anything.:)

  2. P.S. I’m also inquiring of KBOOM whether JKS’s special quarterly magazine “CRI-J” has a English-translated version or not.

  3. Hello!! I have decided!! I wanna buy too. Been struggling with myself whole day but hack ar!!! Lol. Pls email me & I will transfer $$ to u later. Oh I wan get A & B.. Hee thanks.

    • haha~~ I struggled with myself for more than 10 days since pre-order opened from 20 April ….
      then i think, hack ar!! just buy it first … at most for the rest of this year, I have no more budget for JKS merchandise … haha!

  4. Hi Aphrael,

    I didnt make it in time for ur group order (was waiting & waiting for my friend if she wants) so I had to order on my own. Can I just check with you, after you completed the order on koari.net, there is a confirmation email right?

    Did you sent that email to vpost to inform them of your order OR
    wait till koari.net send another email when items has been sent before emailing to vpost?

    Million Thanks for ur reply.

    • I’m not sure whether Koari will send another email or not.
      vPost advises that since expected delivery is end June, I can send my email to vPost Japan later (I intend to send around early June), together with the pdf copies of the orders I placed.

      If Koari sends another email later, then we can forward it to vPost Japan too.

      • Okie dokie…thanks loads for ur reply..
        maybe check with u again in june so can send around same time..
        Cheers to burning big hole in pocket just for suk.. =0p

      • Yay, cheers! Bottoms up!

        haha, can’t even get to sewing up the hole in my pocket, cos I want to buy his Lounge H album, Korean album and Chinese album ….. XD

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