[July 2011] Fans’ Tour of “You’re my Pet” filming venues!!

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OMG! Either I’m way behind the times, or the movie producers are very enterprising to have come up with this tour. I don’t understand Japanese at all, but it seems from the website that the tour registration period is from 10 May 2011 (12 noon Japan time) to 20 May 2011 (6.00 pm Japan time) on a first-come-first-served basis.

The two tour periods seem to be from 14 July to 16 July, and 15 July to 17 July 2011.

The below seems to be what the tour members will get, which includes some kind of photo-book and a DVD. That’s all I can guess from the information. As for the costs, there is a bewildering array of amounts listed from 129,800 yen to over 140,000 yen.

For those who are curious or interested, please visit their website directly for details (in Japanese).

12 thoughts on “[July 2011] Fans’ Tour of “You’re my Pet” filming venues!!”

  1. It means that you can novitiate and participate the filming as a geust.
    After the filming,you would have a mini event and take a photo as a souvenir with the leadind actor and actress,and you will get the actor and actress’ film making photo as well.
    Last,your name will be posted on the DVD end roll.
    By the way,the event is held in Korea.

  2. OMG! This is way too much! i have any money! I want to go! 🙂 you get to see them personally? Won’t this be in japan?

    • Too expensive! And website is in Japanese ….. are they targeting Jap fans only?
      … booking / registration etc may be a hassle! Will pass on this.

  3. woow , , so expensive , i can’t go hikssss …..
    better saving money to watch his fan meeting next year coz i am so addicted since his fan meeting in singapore


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