[2015-11-06] Tree-J twitter

Please check the notice of CRI-J 7th membership recruitment on the official website. The pop-up notice will be open on November 9th. We’re going to start Korean domestic members’ recruitment on 9th and oversea members’ on 16th. Please make sure the registration period. ^^
크리제이 7기 정회원 모집 공지를 공홈에서 확인하세요. 팝업 공지는 9일 월요일에 오픈됩니다.국내 회원은 9일부터 해외회원은 16일부터 모집합니다.가입기간 꼭 확인해주세요.^^
tenshi_akuma’s note: Finally the schedule for the registration of CRI-J 7th (2016) members was announced. For more details, we’ll update here. Please keep following us. Plus, sorry about our ECI registration hasn’t restarted yet… We hope we can announce it again soon.

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11 thoughts on “[2015-11-06] Tree-J twitter”

  1. Tenshi,

    Registration period for foreign members is suppose to start 16 Nov 2015 at 1pm (Korean time) and ends on 20 Nov 2015 6pm.

    Payment of membership fees must be made during the same period, and will be by PayPal only.


    There should be a pop-up notice at the Korean ofc website for application on 16 Nov.

    Please note:
    the name used for resgistration MUST BE AS PER PASSPORT. Otherwise you will not be able to gain entrance for his events.

  2. Hi my name is Rumilani and i’m from Oahu, Hawaii 🙂 I soooooo much want to become a member of his fan club. I’m new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated! Mahalos and Aloha!

    • Hi! Please read what sis Siew Hin explained above.. At least you must have your paypal account and prepare your personal infos ready and handy while doing the registration (online).. Hope this helps.. The official website is in English of course, but you need time to read and understand the procedures; step by step. The registration period will be between 16 Nov 2015 at 1pm (Korean time) and ends on 20 Nov 2015 6pm. Good luck^^

      • Thank you sis Lulamz and Siew Hin for all the help and information! I registered just a few minutes ago and now just awaiting confirmation 🙂 JKS, you’ve truly been an angel!

  3. Tenshi – thank you so much for this information! Have been waiting for this and so happy you are willing to provide this information to us.


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