7 thoughts on “[24 Apr 2011] JKS departing Singapore”

  1. as ive said before, i only look at JKS, tonight i had the chance of looking at other celebrities that comes out of the airport with a bunch of screaming fans and saw how cold their reaction is, they even walk really fast to get away from the noise..

    i have gotten used to seeing JKS’ videos and seeing him smiling all the time and taking time to walk past and wave at every corner of the thick fans, which now i have realized how sincere to his to his followers to do this, in the midst of fatigue and busy schedule.

    i salute you Jang Keun Suk.

    • I think maybe 80% to 90% of celebrities treat fans like buzzing flies …. that’s why JKS is a such a great person – truly warm and sincere….

  2. look tired but his smile explain that he glad meet fans in SG. I personally thought that Singapore gave him friendly and warmly atmosphere ^_~


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