[2015-09-02] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

Thanks for throwing cold water (on me).

Waking or sleeping, watch your words. A bond between you and me.

tenshi_akuma’s note: Maybe eels said harsh words to him… Even if we’re close, we have to be careful what we say and not to forget respect? I’m still not sure though.

16 thoughts on “[2015-09-02] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

    • I think so, too. Maybe they are just jealous of someone close to him whoever he/she is. Fans should take it easy, and not be too possessive, overprotective and mean…

  1. Aigooo pray eels don’t go overboard with their remarks..he is free spirited and very tolerant but we don’t want to hurt him with our love…if he was to do everything we would like ..what is than the uniqueness of our prince…eels please be lovely in your words..

  2. Hummm,there were a lot of Korean responses to those tweets…..but since I don’t understand them I wouldn’t know exactly what happened… Hi’s last tweet makes wonder if there was an insult. I’m thinking that after so many years been scrutinized by the public, eels,media, etc., brings it’s toll: He must be fed up with all of us? But with the eels? And I’m a new eel,so I’m just wondering here.

  3. Someone upset him. I wonder who told him harsh words? If eels did that they have no reason and no right to do so. We have to love him, not to hurt him.


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