[Pics] JKS at Hanyang University cafeteria

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Eating for life at school cafeteria kekekeke
Taking a photo with pony-tailed Keun-chan oppa.
He’s prettier than me. I should have put my eye’s makeup on ^^;;;;
#Hanyang University cafeteria

생활대 학식먹고ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 꽁지머리 근짱 오빠랑 사진찍음. 나보다 이쁘심. 눈화장 하고올걸^^;;;; #한양대학식

I met Jang Keun Suk at Hanyang University cafeteria.
While taking a photo together, he suddenly started to speak Chinese.
His Chinese is very good.

중국어 정말 잘해요@张根硕 #汉阳大学##张根硕#

21 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS at Hanyang University cafeteria”

  1. These photos are preciously normal-looking. The ladies are so tiny, and he looks like a very sweet older brother. It’s really admirable that he’s forging ahead with his studies in the midst of all of his other activities.

  2. how come this guy’s been descripted arrogant and full of himself by some people? just look at him.. this guy is so nice and humble to everybody, and almost everyone who related or had been worked with him always saying the good things about him. well.. haters always be haters no matter what. just be who you are Sukkie.. you are good inside and outside, our best star who always shining so brightly.

    btw, nice picts. love his style, so cool. The two girls are very lucky indeed..

    • People who dislike him and have the power to influence others(blogs, articles, media, etc.)they will always have something bad to say….our prince has gathered those stones and made himself a castle.

      • Exactly my dear! I always believed people who have pure intentions and have sincerity in their hearts would always triumph at the end… Sukkie is one of those proofs. People who have all the bitterness in their hearts would always have loneliness in their no matter how they convince people to believe that they are happy. In the deep corner in their being, their insecurities slowly killing them. That’s why I do not worry that much when good people are targetted with those malicious and obnoxious people. They have their own karma later in life.

      • nice thought…indeed our prince has built himself a castle, despite all the obstacles in his path…which is why he is a true inspiration for all his eels..victory amidst adversity…zikzin, prince! continue on the path you have chosen…we are with you all the way!

  3. if the prince is studying in my school, i will never be late/absent. school would prolly my favorite place on earth. i can only imagine. 🙂


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