13 thoughts on “[Whereabouts] JKS’ flight arrival in Singapore”

    • Well, I’m not the first to release this news online today. Tree-J and CR don’t want to reveal the flight details, but this information comes from a very reliable source, which I should not disclose…..

      just to add, I know the 1st person who released the news today, and she got it from the same source as me too ….

    • lol…. I’m trying to contain my excitement by being not excited … does it make sense? XD
      quite anxious actually, cos I dunno what tmr will be like.
      think there’ll be quite a crowd since his flight details have leaked out ….

  1. My kiddo just now told me he wanna go zoo tomorrow…. But I really wanna go airport!!!! (oops bad mommie :p) hope I can rush to airport in time keke

    • mmm, i heard there’s a butterfly garden at T3, is he interested in butterflies? XD

      or u can bring him to the zoo early in the morning (how early do the animals wake up? 😀 )
      then have enough time to go to airport after the morning heat at the zoo ^^

      • Haha Aphrael u r so cute!! ahem yah I really did intend to
        hit the zoo as early as possible LOL :p so excited for tomorrow, finally can see JKS *wooyoo!* 🙂

  2. aaagh..i have something on in the afternoon :((
    i hope to catch him at marina square! i never got a chance to see him before 🙁


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