[20 April 2011] JKS – dinner with Ole winners


For the 20 Ole lucky winners who won a free trip to Korea and dinner with Jang Keun Suk, their dream was realized today. I recall it wasn’t easy to win too, with the option of buying lots of sweet wrappers to attach to lucky draw entries or buy lots of sweets and accumulate points. Even heard that a girl spent over thousands of dollars in order to accumulate points ….

The winners were treated to a tour of Tree-J company in the morning, and even got to see Sunni! Unfortunately, JKS had a cold and was resting at home. (Hope he recovers soon!)

Dinner today must be a really sweet affair. The restaurant was personally selected by JKS. He attended the dinner wearing a white T-shirt and denim jacket, with his hair let down. One of the prizes for the winners was a heart and key necklace and the keys are kept by JKS to symbolize that the hearts of his eels are locked to his and only he has the key (awww….so sweet ^^ ). He even put the necklace on for each girl!

Every one of the lucky winners got to take an individual photograph with JKS and after that was dinner, though JKS was at another table with his parents and Ole staff.

From various sources:
KeunSukChina, janepisut (Twitter) and Ole (Twitter)

• 张根硕全球中文网 :[KSC][OLE亲与大硕共进晚餐]餐厅是大硕亲自找的,他为每一位现场的泰饭都准备了如图的爱心锁样式的饰品,钥匙由硕保存着.小帅身着白色T恤,外套一件牛仔外套,头发披着.根硕还将与每一位幸运儿单独合照。来源:ole推特。翻译:嘟嘟
• 张根硕全球中文网 :[KSC][OLE亲与小帅共进晚餐]小帅为每一位幸运儿带上了爱心锁项链.小帅太可爱了.fromjanepisut推特
• 张根硕全球中文网 :[KSC][OLE亲与小帅共进晚餐]戴完項鏈之後拍了照 然後他和他爸媽在ole員工那桌吃晚餐.fromjanepisut推特


8 thoughts on “[20 April 2011] JKS – dinner with Ole winners”

  1. JKS is very sweet and kind..
    that attitude makes him people love him too much…
    congrats to those fans…
    girly PUNK..fighting!!!!

  2. Aww he is so sweet….
    So jelouse , I want to meet him for once
    But why do I have to live on the other side of the world lol….

    • Hope is always good, and it motivates us to achieve our dream.
      work hard, save money and one day, travel overseas to his fan-meeting / concert – Im going to see JKS perform in 3 hours’ time tonight, but seeing his FM in other countries is still my dream … I just want to take a plane and travel.. lol ^^


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