12 thoughts on “[2015-05-18] jksjapan twitter”

  1. Wooooooow…..
    He is so cute…..
    Oh I have a question,does dear suk have instagram or line??
    If no what does he have?

    • He has Twitter, LINE, Weibo, YouTube channel and Facebook. But he hardly updates FB anymore. He doesn’t have Instagram. We post his updates here.

  2. Hi Tenshi ..
    How are you? I have another question:
    Honestly it was not too long that I know Suki. A few days i am looking for non-stop 4 series but can not find it.can You help me to be able to see the series? Pleaseeeeee.T_T
    It should be a fun series. So I want to see it
    … so thank♥♥

  3. hello my cute friend Tenshi.. i sent to sukkie a gifts by post to Tree J Co. do you think the one who receive the gifts tell sukkie that he has post related to him? or in other way does sukkie see the gifts that arrive to tree J Co.? am so afraid to not see them , they are so expensive. thank you a lot


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