[fan-cam 2] JKS arrived in Sapporo for CRI SHOW III_20150517

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Credits: NAO S

12 thoughts on “[fan-cam 2] JKS arrived in Sapporo for CRI SHOW III_20150517”

      • It was a cute baby girl, 1,5 years or maybe 2 years old, Malice. I`ve seen a very short video with her. She had animal ears headband and tiny ponytail on the top of her head. 😀

      • Sorry, it`s on weibo. But it`s just 8 seconds video. Makimura-san talks with the baby girl and her mother. Sukkie is not in the video.

        I owe you a link, Malice. I can give you a link some other time. 😉 Still time zone friends? 😀

      • Sis tenshi you’re our dear angel thanks a lot, you made my night kkkkkk
        Hope you a happy sukie day.


        Zoe, For sure you will always be my first and favorite Time Zone Friend 😉
        And of course i owe you a link hhhhhhh
        Have a happy Sukkie dreams 🙂

  1. Me too, I wanna see the baby eel that caught his eye.

    Btw, thanks for the info about Suk’s airport outfit, Zoe. 🙂 He sure looks hot in that biker leather jacket hehe.

    • My pleasure, Faye. I could talk about Sukkie all day. 😉

      Hope you have seen Tenshis link by now. Thanks, Tenshi! 🙂


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