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  1. Arena tour set list (May 9th, Kobe)
    Changed the contents as well as the order 😀

    1. Hidamari
    2. The sky and you
    3. When spring comes
    4. Under one umbrella
    5. mixed version with ‘Rain’ and ‘Bye Bye Bye’
    6. Before dawn
    7. Fragile like snow
    8. In my dream
    9. My Precious
    10. Take care, My Bus!
    11. Let me cry
    12. Crazy Crazy Crazy
    13. Driving to the highway
    14. I Will Promise You
    15. Save me
    16. Turn Off
    17. Serenade
    18. Wind
    19. Beautiful change
    20. Indian Summer
    21. To the place where the sun shines
    22. Melody we made together
    23. Let’s go back sweet home

    • Thank you for the songs list! He finishes the show with “go back sweet home” now!! It`s my favorite from Monochrome. Always love his long good buys at the end of a concert. He looks always so happy and grateful, like he had the best time of his life. 🙂

      Have you heard something more about the yesterdays show, Tenshi? I`m sure it was amazing.

      I realy hope that we will get to see todays show after broadcasting on TBS. I don`t think we can expect the DVD before maybe September or October.

      • Oh, you seemed you didn’t know that, but he has already changed the order singing ‘Let’s go back sweet home’ after Osaka show as the final song. About yesterday’s show, one of my ECI friends will write her FA after her return to home. So I won’t spoil the detail until then. Please wait for a while 🙂

      • Thank you, Tenshi! No, I didn`t know that. Can`t wait to read your friends FA. 🙂 I`m sitting here on the other side of the world, and checking current time in Kobe all day. LOL I wonder wich song he is singing right now.

  2. Sukkie looking a little bit shy and holding back here….

    So that what makes you after doing 23 totally hot songs on your arena concert..

    Congrats! Big big and more hugs….

  3. What would we do without your postings, Tenshi! Love seeing his impish look!! And thanks so much for the song listing. It’s fun to see which songs get selected for inclusion in the show


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