[Video & Screen-capture pic] Minna-no-TV (Everyone’s TV)_20150508

Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting (HCB) broadcast a glimpse of CRI SHOW 3 and his special appearance as a guest of ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ segment. These videos were unclear, but still we appreciate eels sharing them and screen-capture pics. JKS holds CRI SHOW 3 hall tour in Sapporo, Hokkaido on May 18th and 19th.

Credits: ayumama♡♥♥♡
I, Jang Keun Suk appears on everyone’s rock-paper-scissors segment.

Everyone’s Rock, paper, scissors, go! My choice was paper.

Original source: StarLove0202

Credits: Mami Jang

Credits: Nasu Hisae

5 thoughts on “[Video & Screen-capture pic] Minna-no-TV (Everyone’s TV)_20150508”

  1. Hi tenshi!

    Finally the Sukkie Kingdom is alive again! He looks so comfy and at ease in this photo….

    When was it held? Was it during these last two weeks that we missed him a while around?

    So good to have him back!

    More power for your tonight’s concert Sukkie! ZIKZIN!!!

  2. The delight on his face is undeniable everytime he gets there….. The warmth of the reception he enjoys from his beloved EELS which i firmly believe he will forever treasure and hold close to his heart means everything to him.

    If only the rest of his own people would come to realize that, then i believe it as well that our Sukkie would be the happiest person in this whole wide world..

    Korea is his country he loves so dearly…


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