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  1. For my timezone friend hhhhhhh Some flash news about the second day.
    -His mom was in the second partie for the first row with a translator to understand what his son was saying ..
    – He sang with a grandmother eel who’s forgot the lyrics then he helped her by Whispering in the ear.
    – He told the audience that even if his album has a lonely side but he hopes that his singing can warms the eels hearts
    – In the encore party he responded to the feverish audience acclaim 3 times and sang 3 more songs and every time he Responded proudly.
    – He throw two sweaty towels to the audience .
    – He said that he slept early after the first party for resting and get ready .
    finally he wanted quickly finish the show so he can partying.
    Enjoy !!

    • Thank you, Malice! You`ve made me happy on a quiet Sukkie day. 🙂 His songs definitely warm my heart. I wish I could have been there.

      He is probably still in Japan. I`ve heard that many eels were on the Mr Show in Tokyo today (Friday) hoping to see him, but he wasn´t there.

    • It’s the same feeling I have when I read your good news Malice,I’m really happy too.thank you!! I can’t wait for the DVD. ^_^
      I’m agree to you zoe, his songs warm our hearts especially his wonderful voice.. 🙂
      happy nice sukkie day to both of you ^_^

      • 😉 it’s my pleasure when I can share with you something that makes you happy even if it is small .
        i can’t tell how much all of you representing for me ! It like having an other family! In realty i have a lot of friends , but for my eels friends i feel something unique hhhhh.

  2. prince of asia no that won’t do fair u should be prince of world ….u deserve it with the ability u have to inspire the hearts of millions u should be crowned the prince of the world


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