7 thoughts on “[Pics-4] JKS in L’inoui Korea”

  1. Very sleek and good looking Sukkie…

    Hi Tenshi! Is this a newly taken photo shot from Linoui? And is he an official endorser of it – many thanks!

      • So him being a full time business man apart from being a very much multi-talented showbiz personality is really huge?

        What im trying to say here is that, the way i see it and as i browse back with all your treasured archives here (i am just a newcomer in Sukkie Land, right),
        Jang Keun Suk is really such a pretty smart young business man of his generation…

        The very moment he realized that his career is picking up, he didnt waste any single chance to take the opportunity to put up something that he believes would click to his adoring fans at the same time. I was told that presently, he has an equally successful store in Japan that sells his own personal merchandises. Isnt that really very impressive?

        And thats only one of those that makes him such a wealthy young guy…. See how his hard work and resiliency finally paid off. Now i understand how he came up with that “ZIKZIN” mantra…. With a business acumen like his, this Jang Keun Chan is definitely a no non-sense person… No wonder he can afford to make huge donations to various charitable intitutions which in itself is a good thing.

        Not only does it enable him to be a blessing to those in need (which no doubt is something he will always love doing with a generous heart), it is also a sure way to boost Tree-J’s company goodwill. Corporate Social Responsibity nowadays is a common thing in the business world, am i correct?

        Bottom line – again just like you without me sounding like a sweet talker – our dear Sukkie is simply the best of them all!

        Itsumo ganbatte ne!

      • Dear baby,

        You are so sweet person. Thank you for admiring JKS’ talents, and for seeing him beyond just a handsome and pretty face.

        I can attest you that you won’t be disappointed being JKS’ fan. While he is not acting, he provides his fans’ happiness thru music. Someday I am very sure he will be one good director, too. Just wait and see!!!!

        Yesss… JKS is a very smart young man. He seems to know that fame and famous not going to last forever…so he cleverly established his own little business empire while he is still in the limelight.

        Thus, Success doesn’t come easy for JKS by any chance. He has suffered so much backslashes by medias and his people’s mistreatment of him….but he still manages to be successful man despite those detractors. Just like the old said, “what doesn’t kill you, you get stronger by it..”

        Thank you for visiting our blog. If you want to learn or get to know more about JKS, this blog is the right blog for you. This blog has almost all information, stories, news, Fans Accounts and many other updates about JKS. Believe me, you would spend many days and months reading this blog and still not finish reading every things….LOLL

  2. Dear tenshi akuma,
    I have been interested in joining Jang Geun Suk’s fanclub. Please advice me how I go about it? Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

    • Hi, his official fan club CRI-J opens to accept new members only once a year. So you need to wait for their 2016 membership application period. If you’re interested in how to join the club, please check the latest application conditions. When they start 2016 application period, we will announce the detail here.

  3. hi kailey,

    its so nice to hear from you! Every detail you have mentioned here is significantly noted.

    That somehow gives me the feeling that i belong into this something very rare and exceptionally special and not just a mere regular bystander.

    I hope you also get to read what i earlier said to zoe. How you actually support each other is incredibly amazing and not only limited to Sukkie. One may wonder where this solid support system you all have is coming from.

    Loyalty is such a rare commodity nowadays in the digital age.

    Keep it up guys!

    best regards, – baby


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