10 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS in Tongyi Weibo”

    • It depends on the country his concert is held. In Japan, all tickets have the same price. I mean even the first row of the first floor, or the last row of the 3rd floor. But in China or Thailand, I think we can choose the seating area, paying differently. Very expensive if you choose the closest area.

  1. Hi Tenshi! Finally got a response from you – thank you. With this, its assumed that i can never have any personal contact with you beyond the JKS world….

    well, it’s just that as a beginner and as i already mentioned to Madmargz, getting looped in is really overwhelming.

    it’s like you want to have answers on that very moment to every JKS-related question that instantly pops up in your head – and let me tell you it’s kind of addicting.

    Besides, the very first time i posted here, my complete real name was even posted because i thought i could get in touch with someone trustworthy in any other way apart from this medium.

    I acted so fast it could have offended you and im sorry….. Anyway, i guess everything is all cleared up and i have to settle for that im afraid.

    As long as you are around that would be fine with me. best regards and take care of you.


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