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  1. Thinking about you. 😉 I have watched Team H Party in Saitama today again. It´s so amazing… magical.

    It has been long time since we saw Jason and Sukkie together. They are maybe planning his activities in China. Cri Show 3 in China this summer? Zikzin Man Show 2? Chinese eels must be very happy now. ^^

    • Are you guys serious? One more concert tour this year? Even a real Idol wouldn’t go on as many tours as jgs does being an actor. It feels like he doesn’t care about acting anymore which is sad because that’s where he excells. I have no issues with him wanting to be a Singer (a mediocre one at that) but what bothers me is him claiming himself to be a actor yet only does one project in 2 years and that too which flop hard with poor scripts….if he only wants to be a singer then just let it out and clear the air for once to all the fans waiting to see him act.

      • Dear, As an eel you must know that after the korean press Incited the public opinion against him, at the moment he’s like trapped or a besieged and they tied his hands, for now he can’t do anything in korea. As his eels we have to understand and be patient, with the hope that they let him in peace.
        like that he can manages to act again and very soon

      • Every famous actor is very choosy on what project to start or accept.He is a smart artist and will definitely make his choice when the time comes, and it is better to wait for the right project then to play anything. Korean media make it harder I think some people can not stand that he is talented and loved from so many people and are manipulating the mass through the press.

      • Hi Momo! I love him as a actor too. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but i don´t agree with you that he is a mediocre singer. JKS is amazing at everything he does. Watching him singing and dancing makes me happy every time. I love watching his interviews, Zikzin Radio, love his personality… The way he comumnicate with his fans are unique. He loves to be an actor, and he is very good at it. He will come back to acting when he finds a project he wants to be a part of.

        Why are you so hard on Sukkie? Bel Ami didn´t win any prizes in Korea, but it didn´t flop. Suk have many fans all over the world who just wait for his next step, and support him. Peace. 🙂

    • Momo, we all love actor Jang. And I’m sure as he repeatedly says, he’s an actor till his death. But compared to singing project, acting project is more complicated. He’s a singer under a contract with a Japanese record company PONYCANYON, so he needs to release his album constantly. On the other hand, as an actor, many actors don’t apprear in many dramas in a year, I suppose. Of course, there is timing for everything. He really likes acting. That’s why he planned to make his own short film ‘CAMP’. He didn’t make it to release in public. He filmed it for his own desire for acting. I understand very much after seeing CAMP. He really wanted to act.
      He promised us he would return as an actor in the near future. We haven’t got any specific news yet. Something unexpected may have happened to his scheduled acting projects… No one knows… But he promised anyway, so please be patient until the official announcement is out. He can’t control his acting project. He needs coworkers. He’s just kind enough for eels to show his singer side until we can see his actor him. Don’t worry. Actor Jang will be back anyways 🙂

      • Hi Tenshi, can you pls clarify what momo said about JKS acting projects being flop ones? Another thing is you mentioning here his failure to release his Camp in mainstream movie which ended up as a short film instead?

        Dont they sound alarming?

      • how many momo’s do we have here,that certainly is not me,would like to know how I can differentiate myself,am all for jks whether he sings or act,I love all of him

      • momo, we can recognize each person with the icon. I know there are same or similar names here. You can put your country as I do to recognize easily.

      • Do you mean Team H party in Saitama, Chicagoeel? I have TH party DVDs both Collectors and Live edition. I got them 10 days ago, and can’t stop watching them. Still happy every time I watch them. 🙂

      • Is there english subtitles . I start looking into learning japanese and visit Japan in my next trip to Hawaii. …..but I really miss the contents of what I am watching.

      • No, Sukkies Japanese DVDs have never english subs.

        Those are concerts dvds, I mean they sing and dance, I don´t need to understand every word. They also use english words sometimes, and talk in korean. I can´t japanese either. I´m trying to learn korean, but it´s hard. I would love to have subs for the bonus dvd where there are talking a lot, but I´m still happy. I prefer to have them without subs than not have them at all. 🙂

    • hello baby! that’s Jason…..

      if only i read your comment this morning, i invited you this afternoon coz i met our fellow pinay eels at Gateway………

      i am also using this name in FB so please message me there………

      • hello, i am also a Philippine eel. can i join your group? do you have anything planned for our prince’s birthday this year — some sort of donation, perhaps?

      • hi jezreel, not really into facebook so sorry… Pls do email me here- lorindaperegrina@gmail.com

        what do you say we start from here then see what happens next? Havent still heard from madmargz and wonder whats up with her…

        Guess what – sukkie and i are both afflicted with “impulsive disorder” which more often than not making me end up in trouble hehehe

        Hoping that you get to read this promptly to be able to reply sooner as well. ( that is if the idea suits you – keeping my fingers crossed)

        Pleasant goodnite :))

    • I don´t think he is in China right now, Baby. Cri Show in Shizuoka is on Wednesday. He will probably travel to Japan on Tuesday. It would be too much traveling for him, I guess. 🙂

    • Hi Baby!I’m also a follower of JKS from the Philippines. I have been following him since 2011 after I watched You’re Beautiful in youtube.Reading on some of the harsh comments in youtube led me to search more info about Suk, and got the initial impression that aside from his good looks and good talent there must be something beyond with this boy to be envied by many fans of other idols. And since then I kept on searching a lot of write ups about him until I got to know this blog. Here I discovered how Suk is treasured by great highly educated people. Here I understand I learned more about Suk beyond what the media many times portrayed as brat, arrogant and a lot more. And to be treasured with these great women in this blog is a great indication he is way beyond what we can see beyond our naked eyes. I hope you take time reading all the past articles, interviews and fan’s account( from the very start)from of all these women who made this blog very interesting. I’m very sure at the end of it, the more you will love Suk not as an artist, but a human like any of us and a son whom you wanted to hug everytime he is hurt by many situations. And maybe the realization that whatever unlikely circumstances you will feel the assurance in your heart that he will survive, that everytime time he will get a low point in his life he will bounce back in much greater heights.

      • Wow very well said and very enlightening Lade ( still in the process of trying to get used to addressing you guys with your aliases.

        Honestly if feels pretty awkward as im using my real name here and hope there is no problem with that…. Post this ist then will continue ha

  2. im thinking of you JKS! Hehehe… glad he update his weibo after a long time 🙂 ~ im guessing that they are preparing some event in china , so china eels would probably feel very excited for this

      • He didn´t write it in english, Sudie. He wrote it in korean “모해?”. “What are you doing?” is Tenshi`s translation. Sukkie posted it on his official account on weibo.

  3. Perhaps they are planning to shoot a new Tongyi CF with Suk and the winner of the C-Girl pageant [held in Chengdu last year]. Btw, my ultimate wish is for Suk to do a drama series in China… wishful thinking LOL.

  4. And something more girls. I won’t put pressure on him regarding the acting. Of course, I want to see another movie with him, but I will let him decide when and where will be appropiate for him to act again. Given all the difficulties he has to face, for me it’s enough to know that he’s okay and alive. Everything he does is good, and I don’t see why he wouldn’t do them. You should understand that sometimes things don’t go as we wish in our lives. It is God’s will, it doesn’t depend on us. Same is for Sukkie. So please, let’s have faith and patience. Let’s hope for the best. Let’s enjoy what he is doing now. Let’s be grateful for the simple motif that he can do these things for our delight. I want for him to be happy. I want him to smile all the time, and not be stressed out all the time as HE HAS TO DO something for me. Why isn’t that enough? Why we can’t accept the things as they are?

  5. Hi, handsome. I’m happy to see your beautiful smiling face again. Life is very short but if you’re there every moment seems eternal.


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