[2015-03-14] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

‘Go back sweet home’ is the title of my song -_-

tenshi_akuma’s note: The final song he sang during CRI SHOW III (before the encore) was ‘Go back sweet home’ included in his 3rd album ‘Monochrome’. When he said the audience the title, some of them told him “We don’t want to go home yet!!!” They seemed not to understand it was the title???

7 thoughts on “[2015-03-14] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. By now every body knows the title, they just didn’t want to leave him
    Wow you have big day tomorrow and your still updating for us here, your awesome <3

  2. He as always use his tasit language. He likes Jesus spoke in parable. I remember the parable of Sower Of Seeds.The seeds that falls 0n fertile soil and grows successfully. This is our smart,intelligence and very wiser Prince.

  3. This is actually very funny. He probably said “…and now go back sweet home” or something like that ,and eels misunderstood. Lol 😀

    So you will be there tomorrow, Tenshi! I´ve heard it was amazing today, the stage, Sukkie, everything… Have a great time!!! 🙂


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