[article] ‘VOGUE JAPAN’ 2015 April issue interview with JKS

English translation: Wen Lee from ECI and tenshi_akuma

‘VOGUE JAPAN’ 2015 April issue summary translation:
VOGUE JAPAN editors prepared some types of clothes for him. Looking at them, he said clearly “I think this and that are good.” Especially, the one he was wearing for the cover photo, GIVENCHY’s tops and bottoms with gem of gypsophila. They also thought this would suit him well. Once the shooting started, he soon understood what the photographer wanted him to do. Meanwhile, he suggested them unexpected ideas. After the photo shooting, they asked him about the clothes he was wearing on that day. JKS answered, “I’m happy to wear a floral shirt today after a long interval. I used to like wearing eye-catching clothes such as glittering ones, leopard prints, etc. But recently I prefer to wear monochrome, more simple clothes rather than colorful ones.” They asked him, “Getting older is the reason why your taste changed?” He said, “I think it’s because every time I ask girls what kind of style they like in men, they always answer ‘I like simple type’. I felt it would be better if I like the same style as that of girls. So I’m trying to change in that way, but to be honest, I would return to leopard print someday.”

All songs in his new album ‘Monochrome’ were written by Japanese lyricists. Most of his previous songs were originally written in Korean, and after that, translated into Japanese. However, the original lyrics are all written in Japanese this time. JKS explained the intention as follows. “That’s because I hoped Japanese to visualize the view of the world and share the feelings when they listen this album.” He added, “To try to understand Japanese view of the world, I listened various type of Japanese songs. For example, Mr. children. I think every Japanese understand their world of music.” JKS said, “I have a special fondness for ‘Hidamari (sunshine)'”, singing the beginning part “I can hardly become the hero I dreamed to be as a kid. Not to mention, I have no power to change the world.” He revealed, “After completing the recording, the air in the studio changed.” Considering his previous two albums and TEAM H ones, his music has an image of visual rock. But, he said he wanted to show another side of JKS through this new album. “I’d like to show my inner side to fans, not my outer one. I’ve reached 29 years old in Korea. I wanted to express such an ordinary man’s feelings. I hope you can feel my honest feelings from this album.”
JKS is active as an actor and a singer. But at the same time, he’s also active as a postgraduate student.
Q: What are you learning at post-grad school?
JKS: I’m learning how to produce films. I have to make a short film every six months as an assignment. I’ve been acting in them so far, but I want to direct an actor in my film next time.
Q: You will be a director in future?
JKS: I don’t know yet what I will do in future, but I thought that it’s only now that I have the opportunity to learn what I want to learn. I wanted to learn more about filming, so I am learning with middle-aged men.
Q: With middle-aged men!?
JKS: I’m the youngest. The others are all men in their 40s & 50s. Actually, there are some who are already film directors. I communicate with them by e-mail something like ‘This is the next assignment!’, ‘Next week we have drinks at lecturer’s house!’
Q: It sounds you’ve enjoyed your new life as a student. By the way, as an actor, what kind of role you want to try next?
JKS: I’ve played in a lot of romantic comedies, so I want to try roles which are more serious in the future, such as doctors or professionals.
Q: I had a bossy image of you until meeting you in person. But I felt differently now. Can you analyse your character by yourself?
JKS: Recently, I’ve often been said that I’ve become an adult. But, both the DoS JKS well-known a few years ago and the adult JKS now are also my real self. I’m still maturing. (laugh)
Q: So the DoS character was not set-up?
JKS: When summer comes, I’ll probably be more cheeky. In winter, I’m very weak. I totally have no strength. After eating and sleeping over and over, I’ve put on a bit of weight. Therefore, I’m dieting now.
Q: I heard that you like drinking (alcohol)!
JKS: I don’t drink everyday! (laugh) In Korea, there is a great culture called ‘ondol (warm floor).’ At home, I can lie down & watch TV while drinking.
Q: Do you have drinking mates?
A: I often drink with JYJ’s Jaejoong. My friends in the entertainment industry are very busy, so I drink with Jaejoong who lives nearby. I also have a lot of Japanese friends. They don’t have ‘warm floors’ at home, so when they come to my house, it’s so warm that they don’t want to leave from my room. (laugh)
Q: Then, let’s talk about fashion. Is there any your favorite fashion brands?
JKS: Yves Saint-Laurent, GIVENCHY. I’ve come to like Balenciaga recently. I think the most important thing in fashion is line [silhouette].
Q: What kind of fashion do you like on a woman?
JKS: I like very feminine fashion, such as one piece, lace, pink and white. I used to like minis but now I feel that maybe ‘sexy but not apparent’ is better. (laugh)
Q: I see. What will you be like in 10 years?
JKS: I want to be a cool father.
Q: Do you like children?
JKS: I don’t know. (laugh) But, if I had mine, I would probably feel just cute no matter what he/she does.
Q: So do you think you will get married until then?
JKS: Of course! I also want to be a cool husband. I’ve always said that if I come across someone I like, if the timing is right, I might want to marry even next week. By the way, when I heard people call their husband ‘master’ for the first time, I was surprised. I think in Korea, women would feel angry about that, because they are more dominant.
Q: Who do you want to see the most at this moment?
JKS: My father. I’m curious how he gave birth to such a perfect son! (laugh!).
Q: What do you want the most now?
JKS: A frying pan. I like cooking. Recently I spent 3 hours for shopping in a French cooking tools. I often go around such cooing tools in Japan, too.
Q: We didn’t expect your have such a side.
JKS: I like collecting tea cups, coffee mugs and tea pots. I like Japanese beautiful dishes. I cook myself even there is no guest. There are a lot of meal delivery services in Korea, but I definitely don’t use them.
Q: What kind of meal do you cook?
JKS: I don’t know the names as I cook with ingredients I have in the refrigerator at that moment. (laugh) Such as Jjigae soup and pasta. I’m ok even my girlfriend is not good at cooking as I can cook. But I hope she can do the washing up.
A: Cooking by yourself is your basic style. Anything else?
JKS: I go to school without managers. In Korea, even going to hospital, managers usually accompany the artists. I don’t like living such a life. If there is no work on that day, I want to live without managers. I want to think over my life alone.
Q: You’re enjoying your school life as a normal student.
JKS: I eat alone at the university canteen. In Korea, people think eating alone looks very lonely, but I prefer that style.
Q: You like staying alone? Then, I have a question. Which 3 items you want to take to a deserted island?
JKS: Very typical question for female magazine. (grin smile) Well, perhaps a frying pan, a knife, and a mobile phone.
Q: You can’t live without a mobile phone?
JKS: No. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I check the news on the phone to know what’s happening in the world I’m living. As society is very complicated, I sometimes feel that I shouldn’t have known it.
Q: Then, last question. Not as an actor or a singer, is there anything you want to try in a different field?
JKS: I’ve been always working as an artist, so I’ve mercer thought of what else to do. Last year, I recharged myself.
The result is this album ‘Monochrome’.bI myself also look forward to see how I will grow up. But if I come across something interesting, I want to try. For example, race car driver!

As you know, JKS is well-known as a car lover. Our interview ended with his mischievous answer.
Editor’s note: During the interview, his favorite DIPTYQUE candle ‘MIMOSA’ was burning in the filming studio. JKS who likes collecting dishes, cooking and MIMOSA scent revealed his secret to us. “To be honest, my favorite smell is ‘febreze’ in a blue bottle. When I wake up and make a bed, I spray on the bed. When I go to bed at night, I feel happiest, surrounded by the smell of febreze!” His such a honesty made us laugh so much.

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  1. Thank you so so so much, Tenshi and Wen Lee!♥ What a great way to start my Monday! 🙂

    He is so genuine and charming. Always love his interviews. “… but to be honest, I would return to leopard print someday.” LOL

    I´m sure he is good as a director too. Just hope he won´t stop acting. He is amazing in front of the camera. Can´t wait to watch Camp.

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful interview…II hope he can stop listening to those girls are start wearing clothes he really likes because that makes makes the HIM, don’t want them to make him into those 13 in a dozen korean stars..I hope he can return to leopard prints the soonest… I like th clothes he choose for this shoot…but than again everything looks right on him
    I laugh at the idea he soon will be treated by eels with frying pans, cups, mugs and teapots….. HE ASKED FOR IT HAHAHA

  3. yes…our prince is a man of many facets…a man who does not let life pass him but enjoys driving his own life… a good model to emulate…so perfect in body,mind and spirit…

  4. Thanks Tenshi.
    Me, I am prepared for Suk to marry the woman he loves in his time. I just pray that she is worthy of his love – faithful and respectful of him. Suk is conservative, I trust his choice too.

  5. Thanks ms.tenshi. I admire Prince JKS everytime he answer all the questions in interviews. It’s very natural,brilliant and easy to understand his thoughts about his life. He is an inspiration to everyone! ^_^ I salute him for being a wonderful person. I’m wishing him a good and happy life, and found the right woman for him who is deserving for his love and respect. 🙂

  6. Dear Tenshi,
    I m wondering have JKS ever invite you to have a private meeting or private chat as a token of appreciation. I think he should do so, you know. You have been posting alot of his latest activities, promotions, photos, etc.. and well maintain this beautiful website and benefits all eels over the world. I doubt his pro & marketing team do as well as you.
    Just want to say how lucky JKS is to have you as his eel. Thank you Ms Tenshi and the team behind this.

  7. Tnx dear tenshi…
    i really like his answers to the questions!so natural and cool..
    i like do s character!like my character!kkkkk
    support prince for ever..

  8. Thank you Tenshi! You are such a gem to us Eels! 🙂 Each interview I read on JKS, I end up loving him even more. I think everyone wakes up checking their cell phones these days. The world is definitely startling; and can agree that sometimes it’s better not to read some things.

  9. re-tweeted!! thank you for sharing this lovely open candid interview! he’s disarming!! what’s not to love of our dear prince?? the cooking part is sweet…the leopard print hilarious!! and like him i love collecting cups, mugs and pretty japanese dishes and chinaware! haengbukeyo!!!
    i’m so pleased he’s learning film making, it seems a natural thing for him to do, since he is such a very good actor. wishing you well Sukkie.

  10. thanks for your effort to translate this tenshi as always..

    act..nothing new about this interview because he always come with the same answer may be a little bit mature this time. suk..ure getting older.kkk..maybe the interviewer dont prepare much? hehe..well..im not sure coz i never read this mag but the interviewer should do it better next time.kkk..am i complaining?

    btw,a bit confused with the question who he really want to meet now? kkk…

  11. Sukkie will make a good friend for my mum who also loves collecting chinaware lol. I always love his interview. This time he indeed sounds more mature ;). Gotta love this man!
    Thanks again Kaori and Wen for translating and sharing with us.

  12. “If we are in a Monochrome world. Sometimes to decide whether white or black, it is not necessary………”

    Thanks Tenshi!

  13. thank you very much Tenshi_akuma and Wen Lee for translating this.
    I love reading his magazine interviews.
    It’s been a while I have not read his interviews.

  14. Thanks for translating my dear Eel sisters.

    But I think Sukkie should wear what he likes to wear best. If leopard print makes him happy (and I think it does)… then does a bit of leopard print or glitter mean the wearer lacks style? No! Jang Keun Suk has a lot of personal style & it emanates from his very being. A girl who wants him to wear simple clothing… is probably wanting to be the one in the couple who “shines.” She doesn’t realize, Sukkie’s going to shine no matter what you put him in clothing wise… because it is his personality that shines through! That is like asking the sun not to shine. a diamond not to sparkle!

    Miss Right if he should find her… should understand who Jang Keun Suk is and appreciate all aspects of his personality… not ask him to change to who She wants him to be. When he finds “her”… I think most Eels will clap their hands in joy. Because he brings us such happiness, a true Eel only wants Him to be happy too.

    He has a lot of talent & a lot of interests… I am sure there are a lot of avenues in life he’d like to explore more. It is good he wants to take the time to try things. I am sure there will be plenty of Eels still by his side even after his MS,… ready to follow his lead.

    • i think its normal..most girl like a simple guy..dont u think so? i also think suk shouldnt let other decide for him even for his clothes but looking frm other perspective.someone will do something to please the one he loves. maybe he try to get someone attention.kkkk…who knows..

  15. love his interviews, i got to deeply know him.. i love the part he said: “I’m ok even my girlfriend is not good at cooking as I can cook. But I hope she can do the washing up.” LOL.. maybe he’s reading my mind, i’m not good in cooking but i’m a master dishwasher.. hohoho! LOL!

  16. Thanks for translating and sharing, Tenshi and Wen Lee.

    Fingers crossed he would appear in a drama in the later half of this year. He has been on a two-year hiatus, and this time around, I hope he picks a good drama with a solid script and a challenging role. It was one of his dramas that made me an instant fan, hence I admire him as an actor above everything else.

    Wonder who his drinking partner will be when JJ enlists in the army come March 31st lol. When is Suk enlisting? Summer of 2016?

    Tbh, I’m eagerly waiting for news that he has found someone special. As many have said, true Eels will be happy for him regardless of who she is, celebrity or non-celeb. However, I think delusional shippers might react differently to his choice.

  17. I love his interview so much. I think there is a special girl he love so much that made him to change in clothing style and also in real person. I hope all these sacrifice he made will not be in vain


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