12 thoughts on “[2015-02-17] Tree-J twitter”

  1. I have listened to this many times today. He really has a beautiful voice. Love all the songs. The last one is one of my favorites…”sweet home itsu demo, itsu demo… someone stay on your side..” (or something like that 🙂 ).

    It´s actually very little english this time. All the songs on “Just crazy” and “Nature boy” have english names. This time have all the sogs japanese names. Even “Monochrome” is writen with the japanese signs. Hope you will help oss Tenshi, as usually. Hope you will translate the lyrics.

    Love the song before Hidamari very much too. Love them all. Can´t wait my Monochrome. 🙂

    • yes..zoe. the last song catched my attention too. sounds a little bit country..the other songs are good but I think this album sounds mainstream for me compared to his previous album which is more to rock than pop. the second track would be my fav too I guess but still need to hear the full song first before I can judge my fav.

      love hidamari too..but im more interested for the mv.kkk..cant wait for his review about the album. I love how he explain about each song. its like he wrote the song himself.

      • Yea :v am sooo excited to but i always do this ,wait till the whole thing out :v am just depressed i cant order now 🙁 not right time for me !! I want a COPY T_____T

  2. It’s fantastic to get this sneak preview of the album domo arigato gozaimasu!!
    Love half the tracks just on first hearing and I’m sure all will grow on me once
    I get hold of my copy! 🙂 gorgeous monochromatic visuals too!! Sukkie just as I’m
    barely getting my head around Korean u go and do a Japanese album haha that’ll totally
    mess me up up hilarious!!! Great job we love it already 🙂


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